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Session 23: The Founder of House Ionite Report

General Summary

They All Want This One

The famous socialite Paz Ionite has been spotted in the restaurant of the Bayani-Sun Casino. D'Wat, Thirteen, Zernon, and T-R01d go downstairs to meet her. As they go down, they see that she is at the bar with some unruly goblins. T-R01d teletpathically tells their bartender "This One", a brain in a jar, to give Paz two Psychic Beers on the house.

The mind of Ion has gone into his descendant. The last thing he remembers is being killed by evil Elder Gods as he ushered the gods out of the crystal sphere.

Suddenly two Neh-thalggu brain eaters come out of the "Pit Meat". They're accompanied by crabby monstrosities and aberrant gazers. They seek three things, the brain in a jar, revenge on T-R01D for his betrayal of Tambanokano, and to retrieve the mind of their "Key to the World."

The Summoning Solstice

They enter the portal and find themselves in an empty city in a riverside market. Across the river and away from them, they see two mindflayers holding a flame in a magic circle. Ion feels that his soul is trapped in the circle while his mind is in his descendant. They had used the magic of the Summer Solstice to enact their ritual. As the Patrollers approach, they can hear the flayers relaying their success telepathically to their superiors.

As the fight progresses, Ion in Paz's body remembers more and more. He remembers that he was slain by the Tambanokano when it sided with the Elder Gods against the rest of the world of Erathia.

The Brief Return of Ion the Evoker

Thirteen breaks the circle with a wall of fire. Ion's mind returns to his body and he manifests in all of his former glory. He casts time stop and then chain lightning using the magic of a former age. The mind flayers and their minions are destroyed.

As Ion feels himself being drawn out of the world by the Divine Gate, he leaves behind his personal magic items with his great great granddaughter.

Pit Patrol Adventuring Company
T-R01D, The Death-Bound Revenant
D’Wat Bestia
Report Date
24 Jun 2023
Primary Location
Secondary Location
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