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Smaraldi: Second Eldest and Surely Wisest

As a former priestess of the First Forest, protector of the woodlands, and now wise council member, Smaraldi has a profound connection to nature. By all rights, Smaraldi should have well taken The Long Walk by now, and jokes are often made that she will pass away in a meeting with her Councilmembers. She agrees.   She is affectionately refered to at The Heartwood of Leshiven, as her dedication to nurturing the future generations of Leshiven and her legacy of wisdom, compassion, and respect for all life serves as a guiding light for the people.  

Early Life and Calling

In her youth, Smaraldi grew up in the northeastern forests, but was called northwest to the lush outskirts of the First Forest, where she was captivated by the natural beauty and profound serenity of the woodlands. Drawn to the forest's mystical aura, she felt an undeniable connection to the spirits that dwelled within its depths. She left her eastward home very young, and she explored the western woodlands.   Embracing her calling, Smaraldi devoted herself to the ways of the forest and became a priestess of the First Forest. Under the tutelage of an elder priestess, she learned the ancient rituals, magic, and wisdom that the Leshy had entrusted to their devoted followers. She never did join the The Woodsmen, for she found their tenets too strict and crude. She felt in her heart that to be a devotee of her beloved homeland, it was compassion and not fear that would help the land flourish.  

Defender of the First Forest

As a priestess, Smaraldi took it upon herself to protect the First Forest and its inhabitants from all threats that sought to disrupt the delicate balance of nature. She honed her skills in controlling elemental forces, allowing her to manipulate water to douse forest fires and polearm skills to defeat and disperse the giant malevolent insects that sometimes overwhelmed the woodland's edges.   In times of need, she even fought off sea-faring pirates who dared to encroach upon the edges of the forest, using her magic to summon the awe-inspiring forces of nature against them. Her bravery, combined with her deep-rooted connection to the Leshy, earned her a reputation as a formidable defender of the woodland realm.  

Beloved Community Member in Cape Zaffre

Smaraldi's reputation as a protector of the forest extended beyond the woodlands, reaching the coastal port town of Cape Zaffre. There, she gained the affection and respect of the townspeople, who came to admire her wisdom and kindness. She became a treasured member of the community, and even as a priestess, she always made time to listen to the concerns and dreams of the town's youth.   Her ability to respect and consider the perspectives of the younger generation endeared her to them, fostering a strong bond between the elders and the youth. Smaraldi recognized that the future of Leshiven rested in the hands of the young, and she was determined to nurture their potential to become capable and compassionate leaders.  

Ascension to the Council of Elders

Over the years, Smaraldi's wisdom and dedication to the well-being of The Valley of Leshiven did not go unnoticed. Her profound understanding of the delicate balance of nature and her ability to bridge the gap between generations earned her a place on the Council of Elders.   As the second eldest member of the Council, Smaraldi continued to play a pivotal role in shaping the future of Leshiven. Her knowledge of the First Forest, her connection to the the youth of Cape Zaffre, and the ancient ways of the Leshy proved invaluable in guiding the council's decisions, especially regarding matters concerning the preservation of the natural world.  

Legacy and Teaching

As Smaraldi advanced in years, she knew that her time on the Council was limited. Aware of the responsibility the youth would inherit, she became even more dedicated to passing on her knowledge and wisdom. She held gatherings where she shared stories of her experiences, the wonders of the First Forest, and the importance of unity with nature. She sought to inspired them to embrace their unique gifts and strengths while representing their interests and their dreams of the future with the council. She became a beacon of empathy, cooperation, and the harmony between all around her, most especially - humanity and the natural world.


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