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The Woodsmen

  1. This is an organization founded to keep the balance of the region. The leshi does not have control beyond the woods, and due to the recurring wildfires, this means that the power of the leshy is percieved to wax and wane with it - though this is really just where it is able to commune with others.
  2. The goals of the organization aside from balance and keeping the give and take between the wild and civilized ecosystems in check. On a daily basis, this looks like: 1) ensuring the wildlife is as well fed as the people, 2) that nothing is wasted / everything is used, 3) that the strength of both parties are mirrored - there are celebrations of life and birth (a la the pheonix), and 4) defending the land from interlopers - while paracites are a natural part of any society, too many and it all breaks down.
  3. What are the tenants of the organization? They are to be mindful/aware of the relationships and ongoings around them. They are community and support minded, so the society is very interdependent on each other. This society as a result has very few specialists, because the environment does not often call for it. Everyone is a bit of everything.
  4. WHo are their competitors and what issues do they face? They have a fire cult they have to deal with who see the fire as divine. - I want to take inspiration from Elden ring here and the whole "LET CHAOS TAKE THE WORLD" as this will be a good antithesis to the organization. There are also other people who don't abide by the religion or group / are skeptical but still inhabit society. These folk are probably more individually minded, and while they are not a negative force per say, they are still affecting that balance - so those are our quest givers. And I want a Necromancer. Like "Reduce Reuse Recycling" dead bodies as a nature druid. They aren't tarnishing the land with the curse of undeath - been there done that. But they are cheating death and finding ways to cancerously affect the world around them

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