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The Origin is a figure venerated the world over as the progenitor of all the Savrons. It is said that she is the first Savron to ever be. Whether she created the Savrons and the Spheres like some sort of god, or whether she was the first to discover a Savron't focus and power and thus created the first Sphere no one really knows. The records leading back that far are vague at best and downright cryptic at worst. There are more tales and folklore surrounding the Origin than there are for any other myth in all the realms.   Historians argue about whether she was the first Savron or created them most fiercely of all. There is a passage in one particular tome which describes her place of power with a startling attention to detail. It very well could be the first Sphere ever to exist, but where it was, or even if it exists at all is still a mystery. The only thing more argued about is exactly which Sphere it is that she controlled, for there are no real records of her power or her alignment. Most commoners believe that as the first she must have been the Savron of the Luminare Sphere, but that is simple superstition with no evidence.   Regardless her figure is everywhere. Throughout all of the Spheres, in all the books and tales and she is worshipped with ferver. Even the Savrons are fascinated and hold her in some form of religious esteem. For who else would be able to understand them and the troubles that they face than the very first of their kind to walk the Spheres. The progenitor is a unifying figure and beloved by all. It is said that even after her madness consumed her, Zariya still holds the origin to be sacred and will not destroy her visage wherever it is found.
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She is known only as the origin. There are no records of her name or any other identifiers about her, yet there are statues and mentions of her throughout all the Spheres.

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