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Seraphina Duskwraith

Seraphina Duskwraith was one of the founders of the Order of the Midnight Eclipse and had a significant influence on the organization, its values, and its practices. However, even outside the Order, Seraphina maintains an almost legendary status to this day and serves as an inspiration for many young wizards and sorcerers.

Life and Milestones

Seraphina was born in 597 SA in Ravenspire. Although not much is known about her family, and her lineage cannot be traced back to a specific family, it is now widely accepted that she hailed from one of the Great Houses. However, the question of which house she belonged to remains a topic of debate. From a young age, she displayed remarkable talent in both magic and martial arts. This dual aptitude, combined with her upbringing in Ravenspire, laid the foundation for what would eventually become the Order of the Midnight Eclipse.

The abundance of knowledge available in the Mistborn Quarter intrigued the young woman, while the fact that it was practically unrestricted in its accessibility made her anxious. Like everyone else, she grew up with stories of the "Veilwood Maidens" and harbored an almost paranoid fear that the knowledge contained within the city's writings could be misused. In her eyes, such knowledge should be limited to select individuals and never truly put into practice.

She found support for her ideas among the co-founders of the Order who joined her over the years. In the year 624 SA, these friends decided to establish a secret society dedicated to keeping Dark Knowledge away from mortals and tightly controlling who could access it under what circumstances. They justified their intervention in the freedom of education by arguing that Dark Knowledge was far more widespread and dangerous than Light Knowledge, which could disrupt the balance and impede balanced training for young wizards.

Initially, this maneuver even garnered the support of the Church of Eternal Light, which had long sought a pretext to control the education young people could receive. Ironically, Seraphina died on one of the church's pyres after refusing to surrender the collected and hidden writings to the Paladins.

The Legacy of the Wizard

To this day, Seraphina is regarded as the embodiment of the Order's beliefs. This includes the control of knowledge accessible to the public, as well as striving for a balance between good and evil. She also left her mark on the Order's approach to education. What was once an exceptional dual talent in her youth is now a requirement for Order members.

Her memory permeates the Order, and those who possess the same pronounced dual talent are still known as "Duskwraiths." During the annual commemoration ceremonies held on the anniversary of her death, the Order's wizards showcase their skills in magic and combat to prove their worthiness of being counted among the Duskwraiths.

However, as often happens over time, Seraphina's ideas have become radicalized. While she advocated for a certain limitation of Dark Knowledge, there are now forces seeking to restrict all knowledge and decide for themselves who is "worthy" of receiving a certain level of education, all in the name of Seraphina. Yet, there are also whispers suggesting she would turn in her grave if she knew about these radical movements.

597 SA 647 SA 50 years old
Circumstances of Death
Burned at the stake by the Church of Eternal Light
Aligned Organization

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