Order of the Midnight Eclipse

The Order of the Midnight Eclipse is a powerful arcane organization that wields wields influence over the shadowy and dark corners of Mortavia. It was founded 565 years ago, by a council of arcane scholars and shadowy figures, like necromancers and rogues but today most facts about the origin of the Order remain a mystery. Most people fear the Order of the Midnight Eclipse. They whisper of forbidden knowledge and gruesome, bloody rituals within the ranks of the Order.

Their primary objective is, however, to maintain the Balance between light and darkness, ensuring that neither force can overtake the other.

Purpose and Tenets of the Order

The primary purpose of the Order is to safeguard the world from malevolent forces and prevent cataclysmic events that could tip the scales towards eternal darkness or blinding eternal light. They believe that true power is in the Equilibrium, where neither side overpowers the other, maintaining a delicate balance within the world.

Tenets of the Order

Balance Above All. The preservation of the equilibrium is the paramount objective. The Order believes this balance is crucial for the survival of Baeleris as a whole. No extreme should be allowed to dominate.

Secrecy and Discretion. The Order operates in the shadows, hidden from the eyes of the world. Members are bound by a Geas to not talk about the Order, and keep information within those deemed trustworthy.

Embrace Both, Arcane and Martial. Eclipse Agents are well-trained in arcane arts and martial combat. They strive to be versatile and capable in both worlds because they never know which agents to encounter.

Guardians of Forbidden Arcana. The Eclipse Agents seek and save ancient and forbidden knowledge, that could disrupt the delicate equilibrium they want to maintain. These tomes are carefully archived and studied within the protective walls of the Veiled Citadel. Their contents are only revealed if it is necessary to maintain the balance of Light and Shadow.

Influence, no Domination. The Eclipse Agents work subtly, from behind the scenes, to nudge events and politics to maintain the equilibrium. They would never dominate the affairs of the world openly.

Pursuit of Knowledge. Members of the Order are scholars, relentlessly seeking information and enlightenment through books, research, and observation of the world. Pursuing knowledge is a lifelong commitment, fueling the understanding of the delicate equilibrium.

Eliminate Dark Abominations. Entities or creatures that threaten the balance and unleash chaos, must be neutralized swiftly. The members of the Order are trained in hunting down malevolent beings, ensuring they do not push Baeleris into a neverending darkness.

Guardians of Prophecy. The Order is entrusted with ancient prophecies, that provide a glimpse into potential future imbalances. The scholars of the Order seek to understand these prophecies to prevent future imbalances.

The Veiled Citadel

The Order's headquarters is called the "Veiled Citadel", a colossal fortress hidden deep within the Ebonpeak Mountains in the shadowy realms of Mortavia. The fortress is only accessible to those who are chosen to join the ranks of the Order of the Midnight Eclipse. It features a labyrinthine structure, shrouded in illusion and protected by powerful wards, both arcane and mundane. The exact location is an eternal mystery, rumored to shift and elude those who seek it without invitation.

A Delicate Dance

The Order, although dedicated to maintaining balance, is not exempt from internal conflicts. Some believe that true strength is found in darkness, while others think, that it is in light. These differing viewpoints often result in tension and factional disputes within the organization.

Those who encounter the Order during their adventures may become caught up in their complicated network of secrets. Whether the organization is a helpful ally or a dangerous adversary is determined by how closely they adhere to the principles of balance. Joining forces with the Order could provide valuable access to ancient arcane knowledge and resources, but going against their beliefs or betraying their trust could result in severe repercussions.


Within Shadows Unseen, Balance Ensured

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Cover image: The Order of the Midnight Eclipse by Susanne Lamprecht via Midjourney
Character flag image: The Order of the Midnight Eclipse by Susanne Lamprecht via Midjourney
  • 1076 SA

    15 Shadowbane
    1076 SA

    25 Moonfall

    The Bloodmoon Purge
    Military: War

    The Order of the Midnight Eclipse led a campaign against the powerful vampire lord Count Vaelen Darkhart and his undead minions.

    Additional timelines
  • 1123 SA

    7 Frostwake
    1123 SA

    12 Twilight

    The Veilwarden's Pact
    Diplomatic action

    The Order of the Midnight Eclipse and a secretive faction of elven guardians, the Veilwardens, forged an alliance.

    Additional timelines


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