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Born on the elven homeland, Map was one of the many captured and sold when the fleeing ships landed on the old Udynean shores. As one of the few young Oracles, she travelled south alongside the Future Stone for some months, guiding her people the best she could, until she was given up to a Niholian noble as payment for guiding them across the desert. Being as young as she was (a mere child of six years), she adapted to the strange land, language and people than most of the enslaved, but it was never good enough for her master, who threatened her daily with beatings and a promise to sell her to the glassworks.   She was leashed as her magic grew, but not before the discovery of her gift in manipulating other elves to do her bidding. Throughout her teenage years, she was used to corral her own people and made to watch as they were sold off.   During one venture just across the border of Stamekia, she managed to flee her master's caravan and encountered a group of Stamekian nomads who had been aiding elves in fleeing the might of both the encroaching Udynean forces and the greedy Niholian enslavers. She spent a few years with them, seeking to undo all the harm caused by her voice. This culminated in 17 AES, when the group's home base was attacked, and Map was forced to conceal herself within an abandoned tomb that ultimately became hers.  

A Second Life

The existence of Map went by as a mere myth for many centuries. Some considered it wishful thinking, others saw her as a beacon of hope and resistance.   In 1899, her final resting place was unearthed by the Stamekian God-Emperor, Sharik the Lightgiver, who sought the truth behind the infamous Doom of the World. She was resurrected at the cost of the God-Emperor's convoy and gently interrogated, but suffered from large gaps in her memory, including who she was. Nevertheless, God-Emperor Sharik sent both her, and the final surviving contingent of his convoy, on a mission to uncover all she knew of the myth.   This search led them to modern-day Heimat and the Wisdom Stone, which had lain dormant for centuries after the last withering Oracle gave themselves up to the Seer Stone. One touch to the stone was enough for Map to be enthralled by it, the gaps in her memory filled with those who had submitted their minds to the Wisdom Stone, as well as an insatiable anger towards the humans and a plan to destroy them.

Mental characteristics


Chosen to become an Oracle from birth, Map was in the process of learning the sacred rituals and daily tasks required of her before the Great Upheaval tore it all away. She is illiterate in all but the most basic of elven texts. Isn't actually sure how to read a map.
Current Status
Gathering an army to eradicate humans.
Other Ethnicities/Cultures
6 HC 19 AES 25 years old
Circumstances of Death
Was entombed alive in a crypt after the lid to the tomb she hid in slid closed and those defending her died, along with the only known map of Heimat's defences.
Elven Homeland
Place of Death
Current Residence
Sichererort, Heimat
Blonde, long and straight.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale, unbleamished


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