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Elven Oracle

In this day and age, elven Oracles are considered myths even amongst their own people. It is said they were able to harness the fabled Seer Stones of their deities, the All-Knowing Ones. They were also rumoured to have a powerful voice, both in lawful influence and physical might due to a purely Oracle trait of possessing a scream that, when angered, was capable of levelling trees and small structures.   Whilst they weren't allowed to have families or produce children, their gifts were passed on through bloodlines, with the eldest child going to the temple whilst the younger ones continued living luxurious lives as descendants, what humans would call nobles. This practice also led to their demise as entire bloodlines were wiped out during the Great Upheaval, and then further still when a splinter group hit Udynean shores whilst the Oracles who reached Heimat were too old to produce children using traditional methods.  

Subverting Nature

Since the elves landed in what is now Heitmat, there have been many experiments with the goal of artificially recreating Oracles. The last marginally successful attempt was a batch in 980 AES, the same one that gave them Syreen, who was the only one of a dozen not to go mad. Most were eradicated, but two managed to escape and were no doubt dealt with by human hands.   The final batch was created much later after centuries of research in 1594 AES. These were worse than the previous, with them all being very weak in magical abilities, yet suffering from varying degrees of what is now called The Hunger. Due to the nature of this affliction, many were executed or exiled depending on the level of their malady. It is unknown how many survived beyond the Heimatian borders as it is well known that Demarn has people who hunt and kill rogue spellsters.



Oracles were spellsters from the strongest bloodlines. They were chosen as a child from the firstborn in a descendant's family and raised by the Oracle collective to follow the ceremonies and traditions laid before each acolyte. Once of age, they were tested to see if the All-Knowing Ones deemed them worthy by having them place a hand each on the Seer Stones. It was a soul-wrenching process that could easily leave a weak mind shattered.

Career Progression

Before the Great Upheaval, an acolyte could only progress to full Oracle status by withstanding the power of the Seer Stones. After the Future Stone was lost, the remaining Oracles would accept anyone who showed any aptitude for counselling. Eventually, this also faded.

Other Benefits

Back on their homeland, Oracles had an almost divine status amongst the elven populous. As their entire purpose was to attend the Seers Stones, give counsel to the realm and steer the future, their every need was ensured by a handful of temple servants who worked hard to keep the Oracles—and, in their minds, the All-Knowing Ones—happy.


Social Status

Whilst they are still venerated in modern society, there hasn't been a known elf who has come close to Oracle status since Syreen was lost almost a thousand years ago. Given that, without a need to reveal their telling scream, any natural-born Oracle looks no different to any other elf, they could be wandering the world.



Apart from the Seer Stones themselves, Oracles need no tools to work their profession.

Provided Services

Many tales focus on their abilities to predict disasters or choose which path would be worth walking down, but Oracles also guided the people as a whole. Not considered a part of their government structure, they were nonetheless consulted on many matters: political, agricultural, judicial and even military concerns.
Famous in the Field
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