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Garrick Thornwood (Gah-Rick Thorn-Wud)

Garrick Lucien Thornwood

I see everything you do and don't you forget it!
— Garrick Thornwood

Physical Description

Facial Features

  • Clean shaven, brooding appearance.
  • Special abilities

  • Expert mind-reader, mind controller and glamorizer.
  • Apparel & Accessories

  • 1920s style suits.
  • He wears a ring that is moulded in the shape of a continuous symbol.
  • Mental characteristics

    Personal history

    Garrick Thornwood is the oldest known pure-blood vampire and the head of The Thornwood Dynasty. His wife and mate Serafina died fifteen years ago during the the tragic supernatural event, The Blood Wrath Moon. The loss he must be experiencing is incomprehensible, losing the only person he had loved for thousands of years! They created four children together, two sons and two daughters. His eldest son Ed is set to take over from him now that the death of Serafina has changed the dynamics for the Thornwood family.   Garrick is seen as having divine status because of the uncertainty of his origins. The two main myths about this are that he is either the fallen son of the Creator or he made a pact with a powerful Demon. Only Serafina knew the truth about his origins. It was even kept secret from their children, although Ed has suggested to his father that knowing the family creation origins may be of paramount importance for the future of The Thornwood Dynasty. However, even with all these shady areas, Garrick is still venerated by the people of Vyrvania.   This respect for him most likely stems from his renowned knowledge, experience and good judgement acquired throughout his legendary life. He is also the founder of Vyrvania, which he built from a barren wasteland in to a thriving megalopolis.  

    Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Being the founder and creator of Vyrvania - a bustling city of over 7 million people.
  • Bringing up a family of pure-blood vampyrs.
  • Failures & Embarrassments

  • He feels that he should have known that his wife was in danger before her death.
  • Mental Trauma

  • The inconsolable loss he feels after the death of his wife.
  • Morality & Philosophy

  • His philosophy may seem a negative aspect of his character as he believes that relations and breeding with other supernatural beings will taint the Vampyr blood-lines and open them up to illness, disease and threaten their immortality. Because of this he has either exiled other supernatural beings or their movements are restricted within the city and they must be tracked.
  • He believes that mutually monogamous relationships are also important in maintaining the integrity of vampyr blood-lines and that all pleasures should be experienced in moderation.
  • Species
    Currently Held Titles
    Short, Neat, Dark brown
    160 lbs
    Founded Settlements
    Ruled Locations

    Cover image: by Kat Chiron in Canva
    Character Portrait image: by Kat Chiron in Canva (nejron)


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