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Queen Galina Kos the Matriarch

Early Life

Galina Kos was born on the Lupine Democratic Monarchy's homeworld of Vulfheort Alpha Canis, commonly known simply as Vulfheort in the ancient city of Lunaris. She was born a part of the royal family, a long lineage of nobles that have ruled within the Lupine-led Territorial Governance since their inception. And while Galina was not initially meant to rule, that role was to be given to her elder sister Etrina, she was still educated and expected to take an active role in the governing of her people.    Galina in her youth was not quite like she is now, while she grew into a poised, kind, and dignified individual she was initially haughty and pretentious, using her station as an excuse to get away with poor behaviour. Treating her Lupine kin as subjugates to serve her rather than citizens that she herself must serve.    This attitude continued into her pre-teen years until she witnessed the first of two events that would change her life. She witnessed her mother, the queen at the time, grant a shawl to a shivering peasant whom they were passing by. Galina asked her mother why she would grant the peasant such kindness when the outcome would be that she herself would then become cold. Her mother replied that it is the matriarch's way to warm her kin, even if it means facing the cold herself.    This act of kindness and the words that followed struck a cord within Galina, despite being preached to numerous times of the importance of selflessness and sacrifice for her people it had never sunk in. But now, her effect on people sunk in and she realized she could do much more with her life and the position she had been granted in society. And from that day Galina's personality took a turn, she slowly through trial and error sought more kind ways. She began to interact more and more with her Lupine kin, helping them in any way she could by becoming a well-seen royal amongst the citizens of Vulfheort.  

Ascension to the Throne

The second event that changed Galnia's life would be the one that would lead to her ascension to the Lupine throne. For her entire life, Galina knew that her sister Etrina was destined to become queen as the eldest daughter of the royal family. Etrina, several years Galina's elder had been educated since her own adolescents on how to rule. Etrina mirrored her mother, she was strong-willed and frequently went out of her way to show her commitment to her people.    However, an accident would occur during an off-planet dignitary visit to a Lupine colony world. En route Etrina's ship and its passengers would encounter a roaming band of pirates, it is unknown to this day if it was a planned attack or a random encounter. But during the skirmish, Etrina's ship would take serious damage, and the hull would become breached. Etrina reportedly assisted the crew and its delegate passengers with evacuation guiding people towards the escape pods.    Etrina herself refused to flee until all non-crew passengers had evacuated. Sadly before this could be fully accomplished the ship's hull failed, and the remaining crew and Etrina herself were lost to space. But Etrina's final acts saved numerous innocent lives. Her body would never be found, and the reason for the attacks would never be discovered. And the pirates would flee the scene without collecting any salvage, potentially realizing whom they had attacked at the very last moment and wishing to escape recompense.    The royal family would be crushed, Galina especially so, losing a close confidante whom she confided in frequently. Sadly, Galina would not have much time to grieve her sister, as only a few cycles later her mother would become gravely ill and would pass away. Leaving Galina as the sole heir to the throne, one upon which she would have to sit immediately despite her grief. Galina was merely a teenager when she ascended to the throne.  

Modern Day Democracy

Galina's time on the throne has not been perfect, the earlier days of her reign were plagued by Lupine advisors trying to guide her in selfish ways taking advantage of her youth and of her grief.   Over the ensuing years, and with the help of a very small number of trusted friends and family Galina would grow into the role. She learned much about politics, her expanded citizens on off-world Lupine colonies, and the often shaky relationships her territory held with their neighbours.    She would gain a large measure of respect as she would broker new deals and encourage friendships with nearby Territorial Governances. Including trade deals with the Exon Authority, gaining a steady influx of platinum from their vast mining operations. Developing trade and travel routes through the Federated Territories of Vash, which was once considered just as remote and dangerous as O.Sec F. And most recently developing a mutual partnership with the Representative Democracy of Liberation in which the Matriarch and her democratically elected council feel a kinship with.    Queen Galina Kos has also been vaunted for her unwillingness to bow before the might of their eastern neighbour, the Imperial Council of Planets, who have been trying to succeed territory from them for generations. An advance that Galina and her council have rebuked time and again, fighting off the advances of the military might and aggression of the Imperials. Currently, a new campaign has been launched by the Lupine in order to take a northern stretch of territory away from the Imperials, a stretch that if taken would cut the Imperials off from their direct trade route with the Exon Authority.   Nearly fifty years into her rule she has become beloved and respected amongst her citizens and is considered one of the most successful and venerated queens of the Lupine Democratic Monarchy.
Queen Galina Kos the Matriarch, is the current queen of the Lupine Democratic Monarch where she rules hand in hand with elected officials on matters of national importance. Her role is not just for show and she is an active participant in the decision-making of the Territorial Governance.   She has sat as queen since she was a teenager, unexpectedly coming into the role when her older sister passed away suddenly leaving the throne to her. Now decades later she has become known as the Matriarch and is widely respected and loved by her people.   She brings wisdom and honour to the elected democracy and has always done her best to be an active participant in her role as monarch, and her opinions are rarely met with dismal. And even when they are she takes the rebuttals in good faith and has never faulted or punished anyone who has expressed an alternative opinion from her own.
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Queen Galina Kos the Matriarch
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
White Fur

A Sign of Rule
The Lupine Matriarchal Signet Talisman is an ancient amulet that has been within the royal family since the earliest days of the Lupine Monarchy and is said to be several thousand years old.   It is rumoured to hold the spirits of past monarchs and wearing it represents a right to rule within the Lupine Monarchy. And in modern days it signifies a right to have a say and a vote within the democratic process of the Lupine Democratic Monarchy.


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