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Queen Aistana

I am still my father’s daughter. His blood runs in my veins, the very blood of the first Dynbodaul created by Irath. Make me queen and I shall continue this legacy.
— Queen Aistana
  Queen Aistana is one of the few female monarchs in Western Agia. She and her sister were the only ones left to carry the Breinhoeleid, the bloodline of Kings after the exile of King Manaes.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

There are few records about Aistana’s life before she was crowned queen. She is only mentioned briefly in the Book of Irath and the Scroll of Rathias when she becomes queen. Yet some evidence and legends have been told about her life.

Aistana was the oldest of two sisters and was described as ambitious ever since she figured out her father was not going to have any sons. He had brought her to court to let her observe, but since she was a girl, many nobles were displeased with this. They pushed Manaes to continue trying to have a child, but childbirth was difficult.

He had another girl named Estain, who was constantly envious of Aistana and wanted the same thing as her older sister. Manaes tired from their constant struggles, and brought them both to court to let them observe.

When Aistana and Estain grew up, their father was often away, leaving the two sisters to manage the realm. Knowing that they needed to prove they were as capable as any sons Manaes would have had, they cooperated and did an excellent job at managing the realm.

The Exile of a King, the Rise of Two Queens

But peace would not last, and after a long war between the First Species, Manaes returned with his army, only to have his daughter brought to him and leave again for a Thing. It was during this Thing that Manaes was exiled for not keeping a promise to Urgan the Usurper, and Dynbodauls were unhappy with how things had turned out. Manaes became the scapegoat, yet no one wanted to dissolve the Breinhoeleid, and only two known persons in Agia possessed the blood of the first Dynbodaul: Aistana and Estain.

It was then Aistana stood up and spoke to the thing, saying she would carry the burden and produce healthy sons to keep the Breinhoeleid intact. But her sister also spoke up, claiming she would be a far better choice than Aistana to lead the Dynbodauls. The nobles were split between the two and broke the Realm of Dynbodaul into two, naming the two new kingdoms after the two sisters.

Influence on Today

Aistana became a competent queen, still venerated today in Aistana as the mother of the nation and the first queen. Many queen-consorts take inspiration from her leadership abilities, as well as lifting the difficult task of being a mother to a nation and a mother to her children.

Aistana succeeded in keeping the peace during her rule, and not war with her sister, despite situations escalating at times. She is known to be a benevolent and firm monarch, who did not bow down to any man, despite knowing she would always be inferior in their eyes.

There are still discussions about whether to make Aistana a Hailan, though the clergy members of Estain are strongly against the idea of making Aistana a Hailan without also giving the same title to Estain. The rivalry between the two sisters has been passed on to the two countries named after them, and today they still compete against each other.

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