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Urgan the Usurper

"I am the new king of Ghrefeims. You can call me Urgan. Or at least the Unghrefeims, since those idiotic Onghrefeims will not see reason, and choose me as their king as well. I am the late Brenin O Ghrefeim's uncle. Sadly my nephew died rather young, and had no heirs. Since I am the last decent who is Breinhoeleid, I was chosen by most Ghrefeims to be their king." Answered Urgan.
— Book of Irath, Chapter: The First War.

Not much is actually known about Urgan beside what the Book of Irath tells us about him. And even then he is only described in one chapter, in which he is portrayed as a monstrous person, who brought disharmony between all the species in Agia, and was ultimately killed by Veldur, the chosen Breinex.

He was the reason why surface Galifrem, still known as Unghrefeims, are treated as second-ranked citizens in Galidynos to this very day.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

We only first hear about Urgan, during the first meeting between him and the Breinex O Taroth, Bryeash. Here we are told that he was crowned king of Unghrinas, the surface Ghrefeims' nation which is now gone, after his nephew, the late king had died suddenly.

Urgan felt the Môrwen people had been greedy and did not share their treasures with the other species, so he felt compelled to take precious pearls which the Môrwen had in their possession for himself. He had made a ship in which he scraped the bottom of the sea to get the pearls, killing a few Môrwens in the process, and destroying a few houses as well.

The Môrwen felt compelled to have the conflict between Urgan's people and their own resolved through Bryeash, since the Môrwen could not walk on land. But nothing came out of that meeting between Bryeash and Urgan, and so a war began after Urgan's second attempt to steal the precious pearls.

Urgan died at the hands of the chosen king of the GalifremsVeldur, who reveals that Urgan killed his nephew by giving him a poisoned cup of ale. With Urgan's death, the war ended and the Unghrefeims, surface Ghrefeims, became part of the Onghrefeims, cave Ghrefeims.

Memorable phrases in the Book of Irath:

"Can I offer you some ale, or do your kind not drink finer liquid than water?" asked Urgan

"I do not fare well on sea, thus I myself have not travelled with ships. But I do believe my people's word." Said Urgan.

"They should have shared the pearls with us in the beginning. Is that not what were agreed upon in the beginning? Why is it always our species that are the only ones sharing. What have Taroths, Môrwen, and Rathamaen ever contributed? I do not recall anything." Said Urgan.

"I do not think the woman my eyes have found, is interested in the pearls. For she values words more than riches." Said Urgan slightly frustrated.


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8 Aug, 2022 22:38

One small step can create an influx on the whole world. And so did Urgan. He wanted pearls and in his greed he took lifes. Only his death could redeem him or at least end this unnecessary war. He brought suffering on so many... well done.

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