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The Kingdom of Aistana

Aistana is named after the first queen who was a decendant of the Breinhoeleid. Her father had only two daughters who splitted the land into two nations - Aistana and Estain


The Kingdom of Aistana consist of a King and the head of the church, the Yppwenlas, who almost share the power equally. The King is considered to be the ruler of the country, and therefore with the ultimate power.   The King is elected by the Regional Assembly, who mainly consist of magnates and higher ranked priests of the Irathian Church. The King has the final word in decision-making, but the Yppwenlas, or a secondant, has almost the same power. The only time Yppwenlas has more say than the king, is when it comes to matter beyond the worldly.   The power structure is divided this way:   The King: The King is elected from among the descendants of a previous king, which was connected to the Breinhoeleid. There could be a joint rule between multiple kings, if there was a disputed succession. The election is done by the Regional assembly.   but the elective idea still persisted in the requirement to be certified by a local assembly and subsequently the magnates would still elect the new king, albeit while the incumbent king was still alive. This demonstrated the enduring power of the nobles   The Yppwenlas: The Yppwenlas is the highest ranked person of the Irathian church. Council of the Realm   (Council of the Realm)—a national council of the archbishop, the bishops, and the lensmænd (vassals) from the main castles—and the king’s Retterting (Court of Law) became the supreme court. The Royal Council:   Regional assembly   The Magnates: The Dukes:   The Counts:   The Barons:




The Yppwenlas
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Fundras are not very pleased with Aistana, as they seem not interested to keep the Beast at bay, while Aistana is not fond of slavery and their lack of belief in Irathism. They do not believe this country is worth their trouble, but they do not want to interfere due to lack of interest to handle the Beast. Thus neither of the countries are interested in a conflict with each other.


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