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Author's Notes

The things written in this article are not my own opinion of how childbirth, rape, or pregnancy should be perceived. And I intentionally wrote some false informations about childbirth, rape, and pregnancies, since I wanted to write how it was perceived in the middle ages.

!! Please do not use all plants here I have written. While some are edible, there are some of these that are toxic, such as mandrake! Always look up carefully for information about plants you are uncertain about their edibility!

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Jun 1, 2022 14:06

I really love this. Not only that the Goddess feared that the women would be ascend to Goddessess as well, but the whole myth and superstition. Especially the "Go Man, you are not welcome; go play with your toys while we do real, holy work!" Very, very good... beautiful in words and design <3

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Sep 2, 2022 11:13 by Catoblepon

Such an interesting article! It gives me many medieval vibes and I love that it has so many details about... well, everything about pregnancy

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