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The Venerable Teague

The venerable scholar and monk known as Teague, was hailed as one of the greatest Human philosophers and theologians of his time.
  During the second age of the world, Teague witnessed the ascension of the mighty Agatestian Empire and diligently chronicled the shadows that had engulfed the days of yore. Yet, it must be acknowledged that much of his writings were born of speculation, drawn from the insights and records left behind by those who walked the paths of knowledge before him.   Renowned for his treatises on Vanneran histories, Teague immersed himself in the esoteric realms of Fyllid and Aelfier literature, becoming one of the precious few humans capable of deciphering and comprehending such arcane tongues. His ambition was clear: to weave together the scattered fragments of mankind's past into a grand tapestry of shared history, a glorification of the emperors of his era and their predecessors.   While Teague's legacy boasts numerous codices and illuminations, and his teachings enlightened the minds of countless future human scholars and nobles, he was not without controversy. Notoriously, he misunderstood and adapted many Aelfier and Fyllid sources that did not align with his preferences. His volumes on beasts and creatures were brimming with accounts he had neither witnessed nor verified, often presenting wildly exaggerated depictions. Among his most famous misrepresentations was labelling dolphins as demonic man-eaters, describing them with jagged maws and spines that cleaved through the seas, dragging unfortunate sailors to their watery demise.   Further, Teague was not averse to embellishing his works with outright fabrications. He penned first-hand narratives of events that transpired centuries before his own birth, weaving intricate tales of historical figures' innermost thoughts and motivations, as if he had been an intimate observer.   His penchant for twisting facts and retelling accounts beyond recognition led many non-humans to brand him a cantankerous old fool. Nevertheless, this very notoriety propelled him to unparalleled fame among historians and philosophers on Evalaw. For even in his flaws and missteps, Teague's writings and musings continue to intrigue and captivate generations, evoking spirited debates and perpetuating the legacy of a flawed yet influential sage of human history.


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