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The cartographers work together to visit the unexplored areas of our world as it is now to update and create maps, and report dangerous places and points of interest.   While they are not required to work together, it is recommended to travel with at least a partner, whether it is a coworker or some other kind of assistant like guides from the City of the lost, old Border Guards, a friend, or another kind of explorer.   They exchange notes even if they don't work together on the field and is not uncommon that more than one conduct unrelated investigations that involve the same area,


Social Status

They are considered brave and strong (even if they are clumsy and have accidents on the field everyday), and people looks at them with curiosity.   People is always asking them about their journeys and their loved ones worry about them because of the trauma they could face.


Currently, there are only 4 official Cartographers working for the company. Only one of them is female, and she's the only one that has been on the job for more than a century.   There are many people who has contributed with the experience of their travels. With the discontinuation of the Border Guards, only Laura keeps providing regular information to the cartographer's team.



Each of them has their own preferred tools to orientate themselves and to be reasonably safe from the potential dangers of the forest. Some are items they brought from their worlds, other are magically made with shards.   They also have different means to register their findings, but they are required to send details to the company's network by using their assigned .   Permanent signs and barriers are placed by other employees (even if a cartographer is directing them) but explorers often carry temporary sings or have their own methods to mark certain reference points; more often than not, other cartographers are able to understand those markers because they know each other system, but there have been enough misunderstandings to discourage them for trying without good reason.


Their team office is located in the third floor of the main building. It counts with a spacious records room, isolated work rooms for those who prefer to work in silence or those who are too noisy for the rest to hear, and a wide shared space. In all this areas there are big tables and comfortable desks as well as tech to record or reproduce files (or music, for what I have noticed).

Dangers & Hazards

Is impossible to determine what kind of dangers they may find in each journey, but yes, some are potentially deadly and even when the company's time loop allows them to start a fresh new day, they don't forget the horrors they have seen, whether it is a storm, ferocious creature, actual monsters or never-ending falls.   They are aware of the risks and willing to take them, but there are required to take counsel.
Alternative Names
Research / Scientific
We estimate than less than a third of the forest has been mapped, and a few more cartographers would be welcomed in the team.
Famous in the Field


  • Excellent orientation skills and attention to detail
  • Knowledge in math
  • Analytical thinking skills.
  • Concentration skills.
  • Written communication skills.
  • Design skills (regardless of the technological level)
  • The ability to work well with others is preferable.
  • Knowledge in the standard symbols is welcomed
  • Previous experience in geography is a plus
  • Payment & Reimbursement

    Just like any other employees, the cartographers have all their needs cover by the company , and have the chance to ask for things that they want and aren't already at their reach.  


  • Travel
  • Influence in the designation of touristic and restricted areas.

  • Map in construction

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