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The Kromas Regency


The Kromas regency operates under a totalitarian system of governance and acts as the overseers of what remains of the Kromas race. It was founded shortly after coup by the Mirok family in the years preceding their interstellar crusade leading to the great celestial conflict. They represent the uppermost seat of authority and decision-making within Kromas society, holding supreme power over their political, scientific, and military affairs.


Structure and History

The Regency is characterised by a strict hierarchical structure with the Mirok family at its core forming the secretive inner circle. Made up of loyal Kromas families who supported the Mirok rise to power, they now serve as part of the central institution responsible for shaping and enforcing the everyday running, laws and ideologies of the New Kromas Dominion. Initially the inner circle alone made all decisions regarding the running of their society, however since no one who was not descended from the Mirok bloodline may sit on the inner circle the family recognised the need for broader support and cooperation. As the dominion began to stabilise and fearing another family may usurp their still newly ratified position, the inner circle strategically moved to strengthen their influence by gradually sharing some of their power with the Regency members whose roles up until this point had been largely ceremonial.

The power sharing arrangement over time became more equitable. While the inner circle retained a significant portion of authority, they became increasingly reliant on the cooperation and support of the other families within the Regency. The fruits of this decision allowed the Mirok family to strengthen their rule through appeasement, bribery, and flattery of the other members, ensuring their loyalty while maintaining their dominance at the core.

At the head of the publicly perceived government sits the Supreme Autarch, followed by their High Chancellor and various ministers and chiefs each responsible for their own sectors of Kromas society. The families within the Regency hold their positions through a combination of hereditary succession and merit-based selection, balancing bloodlines with rewarding loyal and exceptional service.


Resulting Culture

While the family members directly on the council maintain a tight-lipped policy beyond direct public interaction, entitlement and arrogance was the resulting culture of the Kromas race following the establishment of the Regency. Their belief is that their race deserves only the most opulent lifestyle marked by extravagant banquets, lavish balls, and luxurious surroundings. Operating on a level of supreme social elitism, they consider themselves an elite class, above all other races, distancing themselves from the "lesser" beings and species they view and use as tools or subjects.

As a result of the Regency’s re-structuring of society, the Kromas take pride in their refined cultural pursuits, patronising the arts above all, while holding disdain for research, labour and new intellectual pursuits beyond the minimum that is required to maintain dominance and utilisaiton of their technology. Their society relies entirely upon the work of drones, assimilated beings or slave worlds to carry out scientific research, to develop or steal technology, and perform mundane tasks as they believe themselves to be too elevated for such endeavours.


Assets & Public Agenda

The Regency’s public agenda revolves around promoting the supremacy of the Kormas race and obtaining dominance in the galaxy. They emphasize the need for security, stability and expansion, framing their actions as manifest destiny, essential actions to safeguard their lavish way of life and acquire the resources they need, while preventing the development or challenges of other species. By maintaining war efforts far outside their home world and keeping other races at bay, the lavish lifestyle and stability created by the regency for their people maintains the manipulation of public perception to ensure the loyalty of the population and perpetuate the absolute dominance of the Mirok family.

Their assets are "almost" limitless thanks to their assimilation and enslavement of other planets though they lack any sense of sustainability, believing if resources run dry they can simply expand further and acquire more labour forces. They maintain a strict hierarchy within slave colonies, ensuring all resources flow back to the Kromas core worlds, keeping colonised populations under control in a state of subservience is of paramount importance.


Foreign Relations

The Kromas Regency approaches foreign relations with a singular focus on their own self-sufficiency and preservation of their lavish lives. While before the coup, relations with other worlds were rewarding and well balanced, now they prioritise the exploitation of subordinate worlds to meet their ever expanding resource needs. There is little concern for the state of worlds and species left in the wake of Kromas armies as long as they continue to serve the Regency’s and indeed the Kromas peoples interests.

Due to their position and technological prowess, the Regency views the Illadrians as their main rival, and through either hatred or fear in their hearts, have vowed to destroy this one true enemy that threatens their dominion.



The Kromas Regency established six main tenets of doctrine:
  1. Dominance through Superiority - Kromas inherent superiority grants us rightful dominance, for it is a manifestation of the natural order of the galaxy.
  2. Preservation of Purity - Our unparalleled genetic purity must remain unsullied, for we are the epitome of perfection, untouched by the taint of other races.
  3. The Primacy of Order - Order is the bedrock of our stability, ensuring prosperity and progress for our illustrious civilisation.
  4. The Pursuit of Perfection - Pursuit of perfection drives us to perpetual greatness.
  5. Loyalty to the Autarch - The Autarch is the embodiment of our ideals and inspires us all for dissent would weaken our unity and hamper our supremacy.
  6. Exaltation of Specialisation - Our divide purpose lies not in menial labour or trivial research but in pursuit of grander visions.


Consequences of Defiance

Those who defy these established norms will face the consequences of their actions through rigorous rehabilitation programs, or in more severe cases, they are subjected to the enigmatic fate known as "The Shadow's Embrace". The Regency’s' covert operatives known as "Void shades" are entrusted with the solemn duty of ensuring the complete disappearance of such individuals, leaving no trace of their existence whatsoever.

Power, Prestige, Perfection

Government, Leadership
Alternative Names
The Regency, The Outer Circle
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