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Order of ORRO

A semi-religious order that is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of all types of injuries and afflictions. The Priest-Healers of the Order are strictly forbidden from engaging in or supporting violence of any kind. They reside within the Thezzarine Tower, a magnificent structure that appears as if it had "grown" from the rocks.   The members of the Order are often sought out for their extensive expertise. They often travel to various locations, but must return to the Tower within a year, or they begin to quickly lose their ability and knowledge. A few scholars have attempted to document the practices of the Order, but moments after finishing the ink simply fades away. Only that information that doesn't touch on the Priest-Healers or their arts remained.   The Order is believed to been formed when their leader, {leader}, was leading a small adventuring party and stumbled upon the remains of a previously unknown civilization. All of the buildings and artifacts had the same series of letters inscribed upon them. When the group's leader entered one structure that appeared completely intact, they were overcome with visions that lasted several days. Upon emerging from their trance, the leader could only speak in a strange and unknown tongue. Over time, they managed to teach the language to others, and they formed the Order


Primearch - the leader, also serves in a diplomatic role (subservient to the High Council when in this role)
High Council - in charge of admittance and settling disputes/concerns within and without the order
Priests - Regularly see patients and deliver treatments
Acolytes - spend a year speaking to no one outside the order, serves at apprentices


Strictly non violent Treat any who come to a Temple Do not interfere in the politics of other organizations Do not support war
Founding Date
Religious, Holy Order
Leader Title


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