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Zhen Gho Republican Army

The Republican Army is the major armed force within the Republic of Zhen Gho. It operates separate of the Council of Governors and does not answer to them. In fact that primary purpose of the Army is to watch for corruption within the Governors and the police forces they employ and use. They are lead by a Council of high ranking Generals who have been voted there by their peers. Below that they are divided by the different provinces of Zhen Gho. Each province has a force that is numerical capable of stopping any Governor who tries to go too far with their authority. Fortresses and bases are set up in many provinces, but most times they are stationed within the larger cities, especially the capitals.

History of the Republican Army

Some will try to convince you that the Republican Army has been around since the founding of Zhen Gho, but that is not true. In fact they were not created until after 200 years of Zhen Gho being a nation. It was after Governor Sang Tinsho was defeated. He was the first Governor to cause a successful revolution and break away from Zhen Gho. He ruled with absolute authority and wished to rule all of Zhen Gho. He created a large powerful army and began conquering neighboring cities and provinces. It was an alliance of several Governors naming themselves the Liberation Coalition that finally defeated him. They began discussing and decided an outside force was needed that had no political connection to keep the Governors in check so this wouldn't happen again. It was in 256 After Founding that the Liberation Coalition officially became the Republican Army. From that point on they have protected the citizens of Zhen Gho from corruption of their leaders and other threats.

Current Standing

It has been nearly 500 years since the last major engagement for the Republican Army. They are still remaining vigilant for corruption within the Governors however they have not had a major battle in a long time. Except for a couple elves and few other long lived racial members, the current compliment of the Republican Army have not seen real combat outside of small one sided skirmishes. Many speak of an unprepared force ready to be rolled over. Others say that if the time comes they will be ready to defend Zhen Gho. Only time and the situation will tell which statement is the true one. It is true to say that most smaller engagements they have are monster or outside force related. In fact the conflict 500 years ago was the last time a Governor attempted to use their power to take over Zhen Gho by force. Since then the Army has been a fixture in Zhen Gho life, but not a very active one as of late.


Council of Generals

At the top is the Council of Generals. It consists of five senior generals who have been voted by the command staff of the whole force. They service for 5 years and can serve 3 terms before having to take at least a one term break. During this time the Council sets down enlistment quotas, operating procedures, movement orders, new regulations, and other such items

Command Staff

After that comes the Command Staff. They are a massive group of different ranking individuals who handle training, equipment, enlistment, deployment, and other general needs of the Army throughout the continent.


At this level you have your Generals who are in charge of the different army groups stationed throughout the continent. Most are within cities, but some do command forces within Republican fortresses and keeps.

Unit Leaders

These are the various Captains and other leaders that command specific groups within the armies. This is also where the division of infantry, cavalry, artillery, and other such distinctions happen. It becomes more of a case by case bases for the commanding General.


Lastly you have the grunts who are in the trenches so to speak. These are your average soldiers that make up the bulk of the Republican Army. Some of them will make a lifetime career of the Army, while most of them will service some time to earn prestige and better position and/or employment somewhere else in Zhen Gho.


The predominant feeling within the Republican Army is that it is a stepping stone for most. Gone are the days where they were fighting rogue Governors forces to bring stability to Zhen Gho. They no longer wage great battles against tyrants with undead armies behind them, or hordes of devils or demons. Today they are more of a show of force in certain places, putting down the odd small goblin attack on a village. Most who join gain experience, prestige, and position to go elsewhere with the rest of their lives. Of those that stick around most stay around their area gaining rank, and even fewer still will go on into the upper ranks of the Command Staff.

The citizenry of Zhen Gho feel as though the Army is mostly for show. In fact there is a growing opinion that they are outmoded and no longer needed in Zhen Gho. It is not a big percentage at this point, but could become quite large if nothing changes within the next few years. Otherwise most feel as though it is a preventative measure should anything happen but nothing probably will.

Republic first in our hearts!

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Army movement through Inkonai
Founding Date
256 AF
Military, Army
Alternative Names
Liberation Coalition, Red Banners, the Army
Predecessor Organization
Ruling Organization
Related Professions
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Council of Generals discuss deployments

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