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The Syndicate

Sic semper tyrannis.
— Syndicate Motto, means "thus always to tyrants"
The Syndicate, light-heartedly referred to by members as "The Book Club" (not to be confused with the Booked Club), is a relatively secret organization founded and organized primarily by Alexander Farrowbone. "Relatively secret" is a strange description for an organization, but accurate in this circumstance; those outside of the Antarctic Commune are entirely unaware of this organization, but the local community is somewhat aware of their presence (though they pretend otherwise).    

Founding and Membership

Farrowbone is credited with the founding of this organization and is the primary writer of the Syndicate's Manifesto, a simplistic document outlining expectations and operations.   Despite Farrowbone's insistence that they are all equals in decision-making and constantly ensuring everyone has the option to say no to an idea, the other members recognize that he is the primary founder and that The Syndicate often serves as a way to reaffirm his goals and ideals alongside his friendships.  
"The first time Alex brought this up, he was waxing poetic about you again and about how he just wants to keep the both of us in his life. You better understand how weighty that is from him."
— Skeppy giving a shovel talk to Phil in private

Membership Records

  The first member (other than Farrowbone) was Skeppy. He has been Alex's best friend since the fighting ring they were both trapped in, and this additional pledge to each other was as easy as breathing after everything they'd been through. Skeppy immediately agreed with Alex's goal to return to their ring and free the others he couldn't get in the first break.   The next member to join was Phil Za. A mercenary who had recently broken Farrowbone out of the ring to please one of his future inlaws, the Blood God, he became fast friends with Farrowbone and quickly became one of his most trusted confidants. When asked to join the Syndicate, he originally hesitated but after some clarifying questions, easily agreed.  
"I've been aching for another endeavor. I haven't heard one this noble in a long time."
— Edward, accepting the invitation
  The third member to join was Edward Silvertrack. Edward had been one of the first people to aid in the building of the Antarctic Commune, an enderman who had seemingly stumbled upon the small group of men with large ambitions. He had a vast supply of knowledge, skills and tools to aid in the building of this community; his steady demeanor and willingness to communicate across his language barrier led to the small group trusting his advice and guidance. When approached with the invitation to their group, he eagerly accepted and offered a secret space for meetings: a deep, winding maze of a dungeon that held the Stronghold. This meeting space stayed consistent, though a secret entrance was created for swifter access to the meeting room.   The fourth member to join was Nikki Nihachu. The Syndicate had been established for some time, and while Farrowbone traveled the realms, he met Nihachu during a peaceful protest against a lower noble. Her flame against injustice no matter the scale, her network of deep connections in her community, and (he eventually learned) her own underground system to hide those unfairly persecuted inspired him to adapt his own methods once he returned to the commune. This led to him inviting her to join (after consulting with the rest of the members), which she initially refused due to being burnt by past organizations. But after he explained a bit more and left her alone afterwards she thought it over more and eventually decided to join.  
"Welcome to the Overworld, your highness. You'll be happy to know, you had just as big of an impact on Alexander as he appears to have had on you."
— Edward, speaking to Ranboo in Enderian
  The most recent member to join was Ranboo Lobeved. The first pupil Farrowbone ever guided, they met when a young Lobeved stumbled upon Farrowbone in the Enderian Library on his journey across the realms. Lobeved bombarded him with questions, and Farrowbone answered and asked some right back, leading to a wonderful culture swap that inspired Lobeved to create his thesis, which led to him acquiring a title and being able to travel to the Overworld. After forcing his way into the Overworld, his memory is somewhat scrambled; but when he appeared in the grass above the stronghold, right outside the commune, Farrowbone recognized him immediately and rushed to help. After ensuring he felt safe, knew what was going on, and helped set him up for the Overworld, Farrowbone invited him to join the Syndicate (with humored approval from the other members). Ranboo, flustered but overjoyed at the chance, accepted after clarifying a few things.    

Code Names 

  1. Protesilaus, aka Alexander Farrowbone
  2. Hermes, aka Skeppy
  3. Zephyrus, aka Phil Za
  4. Chiron, aka Edward Silvertrack
  5. Nemesis, aka Nikki Nihachu
  6. Lethe, aka Ranboo Lobeved

Goals and Initiatives

While the formation of this organization was lighthearted, they do take their initiatives very seriously, especially after founding the Antarctic Commune.   Their meetings always begin with information; updates on nations and organizations that rule harshly, cruelly, or are generally unjust; any connections attempted or made with those in power, and thoughts on those people.   They circle the room going one member at a time, addressing the new information after the speaker indicates that they are finished relaying their findings. Any additional knowledge or insight about the potential threat is shared by other members and is discussed extensively to determine whether it is a risk, and if it is what priority level it should be addressed with.   Once that portion of the meeting is complete (or whenever a break is needed), they continue to update each other on general life occurrences, and any personal achievements, goals, or projects that they wish to share with the others. At this point, the formality is much more relaxed, good food is shared and gifts exchanged as they recount tales of recent times, good, bad, or funny.  
"No, Skeppy, I still don't have kids- no my students do not count-"
— Alexander Farrowbone, clearly lying through his teeth
  Once the information has been shared to the depths everyone wishes to, they reexamine their list of priorities as an organization, adjusting it according to the new information and proposing motions to act if any is at a certain agreed-upon severity.   If motions are agreed upon, they break if needed. However, they often continue to flesh out some more ideas, resources required, and concrete operations before calling it a day. This leads to another meeting where they discuss the operations if it is necessary.   Regardless of the outcomes, no members are required to participate in meetings or motions that lead to missions, and that is frequently expressed.


  • Antarctic Commune
    The map of the Antarctic Commune
Founding Date
Nine 1, 432
Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Bookclub
Controlled Territories
Notable Members

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