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Al'Jymoor (ăl-jĭ-môr)

Wet... That's what I remember about Al'Jymoor. Everything was wet. Sure there's the ocean, but the ground sloshed beneath our feet, the air was thick like a winter blanket, the wood for fire was damp and difficult to light, and my clothes felt soggy from the moment I rose to the second I slept. My hair was a dreadful mess the entire time.
— A Courtesan recounting her visit to the Empire
Angry ocean waves crash against towering walls of massive tree roots on the Northernmost shores of Gokrenxia. From the distant horizon, fierce storm-fronts march Westerly across the sky, soaring high above dense, lush forests. Here in the low-lying lands of the Kingdom of Al'Jymoor, the new Elven Emperor rules what remains of what they once had.


In the year 842, the Signing of the Thee'nor Accord shattered the once great Elven empire, yet it did little to break Elven will. Stripped of almost all of their lands and titles, the Elves of Eastern Gokrenxia were quick to restore order. The well-resourced lands of Al'jymoor were selected to centralize and solidify the new seat of Imperial power along with declaring several viceroys to manage the surrounding regions.   The name Al'Jymoor translates from Old Elven to mean a "Wall of Roots," reflective of the land's unique shoreline standing against time and tide.  


The Elves of Al'Jymoor reflect many of the characteristics of their beloved ocean. They are powerful, unrelenting, unforgiving, and unshakable. They have not forgotten what their people have lost, holding steadfast to the ideals and traditions the served as the hallmarks of the First Age. Many fear thee Elves of Al'Jymoor will one day plunge the world into another bloody war and an age of darkness. For now though, such speculation and doubt is but a looming shadow yet to see the light of day.  


Even before the Great War, the region of Al'Jymoor was known for its beautiful, rare, and rich woods not found elsewhere in Gokrenxia. The lumber industry still thrives today, being one of the core foci around which the people are organized. With their incredible carpentry and woodworking skills, Elven craftsman shape world-renowned sailing vessels, able to travel the open ocean. Expert sailors fish the high seas for their food, while pirates and other brave souls strive to master the waves in search of adventure and treasure. Finally, tightly controlled secrets of the arcane still flow deeply through the veins of Al'Jymoor.  

Climate and Terrain

The dry plains of Northern Zuul’Hy slope gently downward toward the increasingly dense foliage and high humidity of Al'Jmoor's Northeastern coasts. Temperatures are cool and breezy year round.   Al'Jymoor's shorelines are a particular wonder to see and a common attraction for visitors. They are comprised of massive tangles of thick ancient tree roots, some dating all the way back to the Praznidat. Hidden underwater roots make navigating the surrounding coastlines particularly precarious, claiming the lives and vessels of many an unseasoned captain.

The Crest of Al'Jymoor by Koragath via Armoria

The Crest of Al'Jymoor
  A dark sword rises from the deep blue of the Eastern ocean. Two flowers represent two vice-kingdoms, half of their petals buried beneath sea - a reminder of Empire that has been lost.
Founding Date
  • 842 1A

  • Type
  • Geopolitical, Kingdom

  • Leader Title
  • Emporer

  • Coordinates
  • 19°00′N 28°00′E

  • Area
  • Ranked 5th

  • Tallest Point
  • Freelands Rise: 842 ft

  • Lowest Point
  • The Drowned Coast: 18ft.

  • Related Species
    by Koragath via Wonderdraft




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