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Sanysgal (sah-nis-gahl)


The Fe'lomn of Sanysgal control three of the southernmost provinces of what was once part of the Kynekin Kingdom of Vath'azen. They are heavily focused on sea-based trade and control travel into a key inner harbor of Vath'azen.  


Sanysgal is generally stereotyped as a safe haven against the strict laws of the surrounding kingdoms. Its denizens are viewed, occasionally unfairly, as unsavory and untrustworthy characters.


Led by the Fe'lomn, the male and female pair chosen to lead.


The survival of the land depends upon the strength of the Fe'lomn - the male and female "alphas" who have earned the respect and loyalty of the people. Males are traditionally seen as tacticians and warriors, while females (generally viewed as more critical in the grand scheme) are strategic and long term thinkers.  
If you want it done now, ask a male. If you want it done right, ask a female.
— Anonymous Vyrian Saying


Formed when Unen Zihani announced to the Inner Council of Vath'azen in Stoverj that the Vyrian people were seceeding.

Demography and Population

While the majority of the Sanysgal's residents are Vyrian, the Kingdom's pervasive "flexible morality" has made it home to beings from every corner.


If there were one overarching but unwritten law within Sanysgal, it would be "don't get caught." Everyone here has an angle. Everyone's running a hustle. Just make sure you're paying off the right people and not causing problems for everyone else.

Trade & Transport

Western Sanysgal is a well-positioned peninsula on the Upanje Sea. It is a short boat ride to Eastern Sanysgal. Given less than favorable relations with Vath'azen and the Myndikin kingdom to their Southeast, Sanysgal is heavily focused on moving things by water.   Smugglers move their illicit cargo into and out of Sanysgal's ports every hour of every day. While less abundant, land-based smugglers typically run dangerous border routes, skirting the edges of neighboring kingdoms.
Founding Date
Geopolitical, Kingdom
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