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Vath'azen (vahth-ah-zen)

The kinddom of the Kynekin, forged from their blood.  


Vath'azen spans the Northern land bridge between Eastern and Western Gokrenxia. Its strategic importance as only one of two means to move goods by land gives the Kynekin a great deal of negotiating power in trade. Further, from North to South at its narrowest point, Vath'azen provides a fast and relatively secure route to move goods between the inner sea and outer ocean.  


In the year 842 of the 1st Age, the signing of the Thee'nor Accord by representatives of the Myndikin and Marshall Batu Ch'luun saw the formal establishment of the Kingdom of Vath'azen. It was the first time the in history the races of the Kynekin had been granted the right to self-govern. It was the fullfillment of the life-long vision of the sorceress Amari Wa'la - that the centuries-long oppression of the Elvish masters of the land would be broken and the Kynekin would be free.   The success of this Kynekin revolution marked a turning point in history, now referred to as the end of the the 1st Age.

Mi'kur Rop'ven (Broken Shackles)

Founding Date
842 1st Age
Geopolitical, Kingdom
Controlled Territories
Neighboring Nations
Head of Government
Vath'azen Ruling Council




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