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Yahri Negdahe (ya-rē neg-da-hā)

Okay. Okay. Your turn. You have GOT to tell me the latest with Lady Aldrich and that captain from the... Oh what was that ship's name again? Come now, surely you recall.
— Yahri Negdahe gossips with a fellow noble

Key Points

  • Member of Vath'azen's ruling council
  • Cooperative head of Vath diplomacy and arbitration
  • Fast talking, frenetic Shar’elum noble
  • Background

    Being the second born son of a noble family left Yahri in the shadow of his older brother. He was not destined to inherit the family holdings (seized by his enslaved forefathers after the Elves retreat) and yet he was determined to support the family to the best of his ability. Ideally, he hoped to find his own path and make a name for himself that would capture his father's coveted approval.   Yahri's support to his brother's time in the court of Stoverj was two-fold. First, Yahri's tasking, intended as a slight, was to spend his time in the Library researching various topics. He was to arm his brother with facts, information, points, and counterpoints, ensuring his brother was always "in the know" and ready to respond to the court topic-du-jour. A by-product of this research required Yahri to actually learn how to stay plugged into court gossip to understand who was on what side of any given discussion.   Several rousing and well thought-out arguments laid out before the court brought Yahri's brother, and by implication the greater Negdahe family, into Ga'jam Ch'luun's sights. Yahri was beyond ecstatic when his brother was summoned several times to offer council to the King on private matters. But the King realized quickly that the points and positions made in public were crafted by someone else.   It was actually Chodvar Taibil who identified the young Yahri as the sharp mind behind his older brother's eloquent discourses. Neither Yahri nor his brother thought much of it when both of them were summoned by the King. But in those small chambers, their shock was palpable when, before the rest of his inner council, King Ga'jam offered the role of Chief Diplomat and Arbiter to Yahri, which he humbly and graciously accepted.   In the days that followed, Yahri's older brother grew bitter and would accuse him of undermining his authority, dishonoring the family, and stealing the council seat that was rightfully his. Now Yahri's relations with his family are strained, but he barely has time to dwell on it as his attention and presence are constantly being pulled in a myriad of directions.

    Physical Description

    General Physical Condition

    Given so much of his time is spent travelling, reading, researching, and sitting in talks, Yahri is slightly below the average physical conditioning of his peers.

    Mental characteristics


    Yahri's general education was typical of a noble upbringing. However, his research-focused tasking in recent years has greatly expanded his academic understanding of the world around him, while his people-focused work has driven wisdom in understanding how that knowledge translates into reality.

    Accomplishments & Achievements

    Successfully established diplomatic lines of communication with his peers in Rolighav, Zuul'Hy, Sanysgal, and the Northernmost Elven Kingdoms. Yahri has an excellent reputation and is generally respected as a truly neutral party among the neighboring nations.

    Morality & Philosophy

    Yahri strives for fairness and takes an even-handed approach to his role as Chief Arbiter. He believes strongly in justice and holds in high regards the concepts of right and wrong. However, he also understands that reality is rarely ever so clear cut.

    Personality Characteristics


    Strengthen the Community

    Yahri sees his role as diplomat and arbiter to improve the position of the every day folk within Vath. Secondary to that, he looks for opportunities that would benefit his people, the Shar’elum. When compared to Arjeev, who have held the crown for the last 65 years, he feels the Shar have received less credit than deserved for their part in the Great War.  

    Find a Cure

    Recently, Yahri's younger sister contracted a strange disease which brought about a painful and agonizing death in a matter of a few weeks. Word has reached his ears that similar cases have begun to manifest along several Northern Vath Coastal towns. He is splitting his already divided resources trying to determine its source, such that a cure might be located and others spared a similar fate.

    Savvies & Ineptitudes

    Yahri does fine in one-on-one and small group conversations. However, he becomes extremely nervous when all attention is on him in larger gatherings and strives to avoid being in the spotlight.

    Likes & Dislikes


    Yahri believes the Shar’elum are under-represented in the King's court. He dislikes any time he feels like his people are not being given a fair shake. Along the same lines, he tends to shy away from offers of assistance, wanting to prove he can accomplish any given task on his own. This holds true only at a personal level, and does not seem to impact his diplomatic efforts.  


    Oh the wondrous, scandalous, and tawdry affairs of the court. Yahri devours gossip like a ravenous beast. He lives vicariously through following the stories others. Commensurate with his position, he also loves experiencing new cultures, foods, and traditions. He enjoys reading about the past. He is very detail-oriented and appreciates precision.


    Yahri Negdahe

    is paart of the small council for (Vital)

    Towards Ga'jam Ch'luun



    Ga'jam Ch'luun

    ruler (Important)

    Towards Yahri Negdahe



    Yahri Negdahe

    small council peer (Important)

    Towards Chodvar Taibil



    Chodvar Taibil

    small council peer (Important)

    Towards Yahri Negdahe



    Yahri Negdahe

    small council peer (Important)

    Towards Davu Pa'lakh



    Davu Pa'lakh

    small council peer (Trivial)

    Towards Yahri Negdahe



    Yahri Negdahe

    small council peer (Important)

    Towards Jenta Hua'zur



    Jenta Hua'zur

    small council peer (Trivial)

    Towards Yahri Negdahe



    Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Chief Diplomat & Arbiter
    Aligned Organization

    Ironsworn Stats  
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    Iron: 1
    Shadow: 1
    Edge: 2
    Heart: 2
    Wits: 3

    Health: 5
    Spirit: 4
    Supply: 5
    Momentum: 6

    Asset: Courtier (Court of Vath'azen)
  • Home Sweet Home: When you perform Recover actions in your home court, you may reroll once.
  • Connected Climber: When you Secure an Advantage or Gather Information via courtly gossip & rumors, add +1.

  • Asset: Diplomat
  • When you Swear an Iron Vow to resolve a dispute, negotiate an agreement, or gather support, add +1. On a strong hit, mark progress on the quest. When you Fulfill Your Vow on a diplomatic mission (formidable or greater) and score a hit, also mark 2 ticks on your bonds legacy track.
  • When you make a move to defuse, reason, or negotiate, add +1. On a miss, you may take a different tack. Envision this new approach, reroll all dice, and add +2. If you core a miss yet again, face a dire complication or blow to your reputation as you Pay the Price.

  • Asset: Archer
  • When you Secure an Advantage +wits by taking a moment to aim, envision where you intend to land your shot. Then, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit.

  • Vow: Uncover the Secret of the Tunnel (Dangerous)
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