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Chodvar Taibil (chodd-var ty-beel)

(a.k.a. Son of the Stacks)

Please. Come. Sit. I have a particularly good vintage of mead that just arrived from Rolighav. Let me have it brought out and I will listen to the finer points of your proposal.
— Chodvar Taibil to a Master Merchant

Key Points

  • Member of Vath'azen's ruling council
  • Master of Commerce
  • Privileged Vath Nationalist


Chodvar Taibil was born into privilege as the child of a minor noble family from one of Vath'azen's Western provinces. He beamed with joy when, at a young age, his family was selected to represent their area in the King's Court. There, one of his favorite pastimes was hanging around The Stacks - the set of buildings where Vath money is counted, sorted, and stored. At first folks thought it was very odd, his constant curiosity for all things related to the flow of coin and goods. Yet who were they to tell the young Mahnkii noble where he could or could not go? Over time, his face became a part of daily life in The Stacks and Chodvar was lightheartedly dubbed the "Son of the Stacks".   Chodvar came to know the name of every guard and worker. He saw the ebb and flow of coin and goods as the soft and steady inhaling and exhaling of the city itself. Thus it was no great surprise when the curious and observant child, starting from a few small discrepancies in accounting, uncovered a well-organized criminal operation siphoning funds from the crown for years. As soon as he came of age, Chodvar's deep knowledge and expertise earned him a place in King Ga'jam's court as the Master of Commerce.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Chodvar lives a mostly sedentary life as befitting of a young noble whose body has not yet begun to experience the effects of time. He still bears the strength and stamina of youth, though he does not go out of his way to stay fit.

Identifying Characteristics

Chodvar's vibrant green scales brighten around the face and mouth. Two narrow veins of yellow streak back from his head.

Mental characteristics


Chodvar underwent all of the training befitting a noble of his station. He was an avid student with a voracious appetite for learning.

Accomplishments & Achievements

  • Uncovered criminal operations in The Stacks

Intellectual Characteristics

  • Inquisitive
  • Bright
  • Sheltered


Disloyalty to the Kingdom.

Personality Characteristics


A Thriving Economy

Chodvar is incredibly proud of his position as the Master of Commerce and takes the job very seriously. He is a planner and financial strategist, driven to ensure that both the near- and long-term needs of the Kingdom are accounted for.  

Resist Corruption

Unfortunately, without the support of the Dwarves of Stormbreak it would be virtually impossible for the economy of Vath'azen to survive. Thus, Chodvar walks a dangerous line seeking to stay in their good graces without accepting too much help or allowing too large of an influence. But does he truly know the breadth and depth of Dwarven power?

Likes & Dislikes


Being that his entire world is set upon the proper order of things, those who fail to follow well-established social norms will find little purchase in Chodvar's heart. Lack of order and decorum will quickly earn his ire.  


While he has never quite found the knack for painting himself, it is common knowledge that Chodvar is a collector and admirer of fine art. His home is decorated with rare paintings from across the land. He has even been known to commission adventurers to scour the ruins of far flung towns in search of art from years past.


Chodvar Taibil

is part of the small council (Important)

Towards Ga'jam Ch'luun



Ga'jam Ch'luun

ruler (Important)

Towards Chodvar Taibil



Chodvar Taibil

small council peer (Trivial)

Towards Jenta Hua'zur



Jenta Hua'zur

small council peer (Trivial)

Towards Chodvar Taibil



Davu Pa'lakh

small council peer (Trivial)

Towards Chodvar Taibil



Chodvar Taibil

small council peer (Important)

Towards Davu Pa'lakh



Yahri Negdahe

small council peer (Important)

Towards Chodvar Taibil



Chodvar Taibil

small council peer (Important)

Towards Yahri Negdahe



Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Master of Commerce
Thin golden brown iris surrounding large black pupils
Aligned Organization

Ironsworn Stats
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Iron: 2
Shadow: 1
Edge: 1
Heart: 2
Wits: 3

Health: 3*
Spirit: 4
Supply: 4
Momentum: 1

Asset: Sleuth 1
  • When you Swear an Iron Vow to solve a murder, disappearance, theft, or other mystery, make the rank of the quest no greater than formidable. Then, when you Gather Information roll 3 challenge dice and choose 2. If any challenge dice match, you must use those values. On a miss with a match, envision what you learn of the deepening betrayal/conspiracy, increase the quest rank.

  • Asset: Bannersworn 1 - Vath'azen
  • You are bound to a clan, faction, or creed. When you Swear an Iron Vow in service to this ideology, reroll any dice. On a hit, mark 1 tick on your bonds legacy track.

  • Asset: Loyalist 2
  • When you Aid Your Ally, add +1 and take +1 momentum on a hit. This is in addition to the benefits taken by your ally. On a strong hit with a match, envision how this moment marks a breakthrough or milestone in your relationship; both of you may mark 1 tick on your bonds legacy track.
  • You may burn momentum on behalf of an ally to improve their result on a move. If you do, your ally takes +1 momentum.

  • Vow: Protect the Vision of Vath'azen (Formidable)
    * * * o o o o o o o   Vow: Determine the Decree's Validity (Dangerous)
    * * * * * * * * o o Completed!
    Legacy: x
    Uk'maad Bu'gys, Vath'azen's Chief Historian (Troublesome)
  • Traits: Selfish, Cheery
  • Motivations: Obtain an object, Swear Family, Overwhelm Passage

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