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Stormbreak Mountains


Stretching North to South for over 2,000 miles, the dense Stormbreak Mountains divide Southeastern Gokrenxia.


Prevailing Northwesterly winds coming off the ocean crash against the Stormbreak and climb its slopes skyward. This causes significantly more precipitation on the Eastern side of the range, resulting in lush, verdant forests while drier grasslands are found to the West.

Until the year 841 of the First Age, the Stormbreak Mountains long served as the sole domain of the Twelve Great Houses of Dwarves, with stronghold cities carefully carved from it's depths. At the Kurzniert Massacre Kynekin forces seized control of the Stormbreak's Northernmost stronghold and murdered the Dwarven King. Now, Kynekin forces still occupy Kurzniert, a source of deep-rooted hatred from many Dwarves.
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