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House Weymont

If you kill a soldier of the line, another will step into the gap, taking their place and continuing the fight. But if you break his will, it is like adding poison to the well, where the impact of the one spreads to another and another and so on, sapping the strength of the greater force. The impact is exponentially larger over time. You need not win with strength of arms, but to hold the line, perhaps even ceding ground while the poison of the mind runs its course.
— from the writings of General Berngard Weymont


In the Southern shadows of the Stormbreak Mountains sit the scholars of the ninth seat of power: The Learned Star, House Weymont. Dwarves of the ninth are known first as academics and historians; collecting, cataloging, and even creating endless volumes of knowledge to line the lengthy library shelves of their finely carved caverns. Second, Weymont Dwarves are bureaucrats, managing a large portion of the perpetual supply of paperwork and administration needed to maintain Kungaroun's many contracts, licenses, approvals, and even disputes.  

House Weymont and the Great War

Not generally considered an aggressive peoples, Weymont Dwarves shocked the world with their ferocity and effectiveness on the battlefield. They demonstrated an unanticipated commitment to give their lives for the Empire they believed in, applying their deep and extensive learning to the tactics of every military engagement, and doing so with a cold, ruthlessness bent on breaking not just their adversaries' front lines, but their hearts and will to continue the fight. Weymont strategists waged complex campaigns on the battlefield of the mind - effectively fighting against Kynekin values, beliefs, motives, and reasoning. The stalemate that characterized the final years of the war is at least partially attributed to Weymont's "war of the will."  

House Weymont in the Second Age

Reclamation of the Past

Imperial libraries dotted the land throughout the First Age, with the library at Stoverj generally considered the grandest among them. But the written word was as much, if not more, of a casualty of the Great War. The silent genocide of a millennium of knowledge that went largely unnoticed by the numb masses, but not House Weymont. Dwarves of the ninth House of the Second Age are known for regularly hiring teams of adventurers to seek out and reclaim the lost knowledge of the Elves, much to the disapproval of their former Imperial Lords.  

Forging a Path Forward

Turning their bureaucratic skills to the underworld, Weymont Dwarves earn mounds of coin as some of the most exceptional forgers in the land: false documents, writs, cargo manifests, local licenses, fake contracts. If paperwork and bureaucracy are your biggest challenges, and you have the coin to cover the costs, a member of House Weymont may well serve your needs.  


As one moves further South through Kungaroun, familial grants gets smaller and smaller. House Weymont is the first of what are considered the "Southern Houses" to exhibit that trait, running 140 miles North-South by 640 miles East-West. Their lands are comprised of a mix of well-leveraged forests and grasslands, with established and maintained land-based trade routes running just East along the mountains.
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
The Learned Star
Related Species
Rank: 9 of 12
  • Egotistical
  • Opinionated
  • Academic
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    Illarion Weymont was born in a massive House Gaaren port town on the Kahzwa Sea, just North of Weymont lands. He lived a comfortable lifestyle until his family was very suddenly forced to flee to the mountain safety of their namesake, though his parents never told him why. Uprooted from his friends, Illarion buried himself in the Weymont libraries, reading a boundless range of topics to pass the time. It was in those caverns he would ultimately meet the woman who would become the love of his life, Enna. She was sharp and witty and beautiful, with eyes that sparkled like gemstones. As his partner, Enna helped Illarion chart a course through the ranks of the House until he seized the mantle of Elder. Now, the two are practically inseparable, ever whispering about the next step in their scheme-du'jour.


    Group Opinion
    Elves We gave everything we had. They lost yet remain mired in the past, clinging desperately to the world of the First Age. No more will we live in the shadow of the shattered Empire. Today, House Weymont writes tomorrow's history, and we will ensure it sings the song of Kungaroun.
    Kynekin The usurpers of the Kurzniert Freehold cannot stand on their own without the support of their nation. Diplomatic pressure is the simplest means to regain Zunoch's premier mountainhold and the knowledge stored there. Beyond Kurzniert, the beastmen won their freedom. It's time to move on. There is much knowledge to be reclaimed by recognizing their legitimacy and gaining access to their lands.
    Humans The men of Rolighav are desperate for order. A guiding Weymont hand provides an opportunity to build a strong alliance, while positioning us to steer their future steps.
    Other Dwarves The Northern Houses care only for Kurzniert and the Kynekin. The Saltcutters are more closely aligned with our mindset and embrace contact with the world beyond. Keep a watchful eye on the unpredictable and chaotic Southern houses - those South of us, that is. Their lack of organization is an unknown risk to the stability of any long-term endeavors.

    Story Seeds

  • A Historian going by the name of Randall of House Weymont vehomently defended the Dwarven discovery and documentation of the Praznidat.

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