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House Vogrem

Keep your back to the wall and sleep with your sword when Vogrem extends a hand.
— Overheard in Sanysgal


Living in the very large and very loud shadow of House Zunoch, the second seat of power at the Dwarven table of elders is held by none other than House Vogrem. Quintessential second children, Vogrem Dwarves tend to be introverted and jealous, deeply covetous of the other Houses and constantly seeking to prove themselves (though it's not entirely clear to whom). Over the generations, Vogrem has amassed their power through questionable alliances, constant scheming, plotting, double-dealing, and underhandedness. This has only served to lower the general opinion of Dwarves across the land for those who fail to understand the nuances of Kungaroun politics.  

Vogrem and the Great War

For all of their faults, when the Elven Empire called the banners, House Vogrem rose to the challenge. Seeking to not be outdone by the Zunoch Dwarves, and with a desire to establish credit with the Empire to be leveraged for years to come, Vogrem Dwarves raced to the front where they suffering losses equal to, if not greater than, any other House. As the war dragged on over years, Vogrem tacticians predicted the Empire would fall and, though it has never been formally proven, quietly scaled back their support. Vogrem troop deployments were "unexpectedly" delayed. Imperial orders "allegedly" never arrived. In doing so, Vogrem may have actually exacerbated and expedited the Empire's fall.  

The Kurzniert Massacre

Vogrem Dwarves were unashamedly smug when Kurzniert fell, relishing in the blow to House Zunoch's ego. There are some amongst the Houses who suspect Vogrem may have actually had a hand in providing Kynekin forces the intelligence they needed to take the mountainhold, an accusation Vogrem vehemently denies to this day.  

Vogrem and the Second Age

The suffering of the Great War provided Vogrem an endless supply of customers for their major exports: drugs, both legitimate and illicit. The war served as a convenient backdrop against which to refine and experiment with their concoctions upon the masses, for healing, yes, but even moreso to perfect recipes and products with qualities causing euphoria, addiction, or even death. A majority of Vogrem's wealth, and the cornerstone of their identity, has derived from this fanatical devotion to all things related to the research, manufacturing, and distribution of their drugs; Secrets they guard with a deadly fervor.  

Vogrem and the Vyrian Succession

In a rare admission of their scheming, when the Vyr succeeded from Vath'azen in year 28 of the Second Age, Vogrem publicly declared they had backed the action and established a lucrative alliance with the newly established Kingdom of Sanysgal. Now, Sanysgal serves as a major distribution hub for Vogrem products into Kynekin lands.  


Unlike House Zunoch, Vogrem does not hide in their caverns. They make full use of their lands beyond the Stormbreak Mountains, stretching roughly 60 miles North-South, and almost 380 miles East-West. As the land levels and the forests rise moving Eastward from the mountains toward their border with the Zuul’Hy Freelands, Vogrem has established extensive farmlands dedicated to growing vast varieties of crops to support the drug trade. A single North-South trade route runs through Vogrem lands, but is heavily patrolled. Those who wander off the beaten path or find themselves "accidentally" crossing into Vogrem lands are given no warnings and afforded no mercy.   Interestingly, Vogrem's Western border intersects with the borders of the human kingdom of Rolighav and the Zuul’Hy Freelands, affording them excellent access to skirt one domain, or the other as them move goods Westward toward Sanysgal, depending on the need. While House Vogrem does not explicitly claim these lands as their own, as a "service" to the people they relentlessly patrol the borderlands (in the name of protecting travellers from bandits) while "strongly encouraging" donations from travelers for their protection.  


Vogrem Dwarves tend to care less about racial and cultural differences, taking a greedy, utilitarian, and self-serving view of the world. They approach every situation with a thought toward how they can capitalize upon it and use it (or the people involved) to serve their own ends.  

Story Seeds

  • One of the most well-known members of House Vogrem was Grigory, a member of the Historian's Guild during the First Age who was famed for having researched and documented the "beginning of recorded history," known academically as The Praznidat.
  • Type
    Geopolitical, Great house
    Alternative Names
    The Second Son
    Rank: 2 of 12
  • Childish
  • Unjust
  • Cowardly
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    Sasha Vogrem by dream by WOMBO
    The youngest member at the "elder's" table in Kungaroun, Sasha Vogrem's voice is one of the least respected, not only due to his age, but also the general presumption that anything coming out of his mouth is a lie. He comes across as untrustworthy and does little to allay the reputation of his House. At elder gatherings, he oft stews in smoldering silence. When he speaks, it is usually focused on how House Vogrem has been wronged, is treated unfairly, and is owed some debt by the other Great Houses.

    Cover image: by dream by WOMBO


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