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House Rykov

Of course we do not know when, but soon. Soon enough the Empire will restore the thousand year peace. We have but to be patient, and at the ready when they call.
— A Rykov Dwarf


Tradition, order, and loyalty are but a few of the hallmarks of Kungaroun's seventh seat of power at the table of Elders. In House Rykov's mountainholds can be found some of the Kingdom's most conservative Dwarves, still clinging to the Imperial propaganda of the First Age. That is:  
  1. The Elves were destined to rule the land.
  2. The next 1,000 year peace can only be achieved through restoring Imperial rule.
  3. The Kynekin were born to serve.
  Most find Rykov Dwarves challenging to engage with, as they are annoyingly righteous in their unwavering devotion to the Empire, and often completely unwilling to entertain any opinions contrary to their own. They are considered by many to be blind to their own flaws, as well of those of the Empire, and the slave-based culture on which it was founded.  

House Rykov and the Great War

Ranks of Rykovs flooded to the aid of the Empire during the war, a fact that hope will not be forgotten when the Elves return to power. Their ships proudly and tirelessly sailed side-by-side with those of the Empire both on the outer oceans and the inner Upanje Sea, ferrying soldiers and supplies wherever they needed to go.  

House Rykov in the Second Age

Stand at the Ready

So confident is the seventh House of Kungaroun of the coming protracted war, much of their energy is spent hoarding goods and supplies that might be needed. Their axes are kept sharp and their skills honed through extensive volunteer service to House Dyber's protective force, the Deepwatch.  

Ships of the Seventh

Beyond their significant ideological differences from their Dwarven cousins, Rykov is also known as the second of the seafaring houses. They comprise the bulk of the fleet in the Saltcutter's Guild. Unlike House Orborin's Sixth Fleet though, Rykov ships have changed little in the nearly 60 years since the war. They doggedly hold onto their Imperial designs with little innovation or advancement. In fact, many of the newer Imperial ships sailing out of Khalismyr were built by Rykov hands.  


The lands of House Rykov, running 155 miles North-South and 960 miles East-West are rich, heavily wooded, and fertile, fed by an extensive network of moutain streams flowing down from the Stormbreak mountains. The Southernmost House with access to Lake Pokruhn, Rykov operates a major inland trading port for Kungaroun, which generates significant taxation revenue. On the shores of the Khazwa Sea, they boast the second largest Eastern port of all the Houses.  


Group Opinion
Elves The peace and prosperity of the Empire has been shattered, but that does not wash away our ancestors' pledges of fealty. We must support the true Lords of Gokrenxia and restore order to the land. We maintain close ties with Khalismyr and regular patrol routes along the Eastern coasts of the remnants of the Empire.
Kynekin Our wayward servitors need to be reminded of their place in the order of things. When the time is right, Rykov's banners will join the remnants of the Imperial forces in Al'Jymoor to ensure this travesty is made right.
Humans Our Human cousins wander aimlessly in the darkness, cut off from the sage wisdom of the Empire. We must maintain our relationships with these fellow Myndikin and counsel them back to right thinking.
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
The Constant Star
Rank: 7 of 12
  • Energetic
  • Old Fashioned
  • Unself critical
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    True to her House's traditional nature, Vera Rykov proudly claims the title the "eldest" at the table of Elders. She wields the authority granted by her age to great effect, far above her House's station as the seventh seat of power. Along with Leonid Dyber, she works tirelessly to keep Alexsy Zunoch and Sasha Vogrem from foolishly violating the Thee'nor Accord in their short-sighted schemes to undermine the Kynekin at every turn. That is, until the Empire is ready to retake its rightful place. And on that day, Vera means to ensure House Rykov will be first among the Houses to the Kynekin's doorstep.

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