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Rest light weary warriors. Awake from your sleep.
The Dwellers are rising. Up, up from the deep.
— Excerpt from a Deepwatch Song
  The Dwarven Deepwatch of House Dyber is the sole defensive force standing against the monstrous denizens of the darkness far below the Stormbreak Mountains they call the "Dwellers." Any day, another Dweller could break through the darkness and thrust another Dwarven stronghold into chaos. So from a young age Dwarves are taught the basics of cavern warfare: shortsword, warhammer, shield, and crossbow. Upon reaching fighting age, members of the House serve a mandatory two years on the watch. After this initial service House members in good health, male and female, young and old, from the baker to the House Elder themselves, rotate into service for one month annually. No one is exempt.  



Unit: Spike

  • Size: 4 individuals
  • Leader Rank: Striye
  • Description: The smallest unit of the Deepwatch, the Spike consists of four Dwarves. Because of the constantly changing nature of the available personnel, skillsets may vary wildly from one Spike to the next.
  • Unit: Fist

  • Size: 4-5 Spikes (16-20 individuals)
  • Leader Rank: Obregol
  • Description: A larger unit of Dwarves consisting of four to five Spikes. House leaders will place one Striye from the Spikes in charge of organizing and directing the strategies of a set of Spikes, often for a specific task or function (ex: defend this location, take that cavern, etc). Because of the shifting nature of the available manpower, the Obregol is not a permanent rank outside of times of war.
  • Type
    Military, Army
    Training Level
    Veterancy Level
    Ruling Organization

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