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House Dyber

You're as committed as a Dyber Dwarf on this, aren't you?
— A Human Mother to her Insistent Child


The third seat of power in Kungaroun belongs to House Dyber. A vast departure from the angst and ire of Houses Zunoch and Vogrem, Dyber Dwarves tend to be level-headed, calm, and cautious in their approach to all things. They are hard-working, generally well-respected Dwarves striving to contribute to the greater good of the Dwarves. Members of House Dyber tend to be laser-focused and are difficult to distract once they set their mind to the task at hand.  

House Dyber, Dwellers, and the Deepwatch

In the millennium since the Dwarves laid claim to the Stormbreak Mountains, monstrous and mysterious horrors have on a regular and recurring basis clawed, crawled, climbed, and smashed their way earthward from the darkness below. "Dwellers" they have come to be known - more of a broad categorization than a singular species. Little is known about their origins, but their impact is clear: Entire Dwarven mountainholds destroyed in a instant, toppled like a child's building-blocks. With their familial lands spanning the largest mountainous region of all the Great Houses, Dyber took the lead to form the Dwarven order of the Deepwatch. These brave Dwarven warriors are tasked with the defense and protection of the twelve Great Houses from the Dwellers. Expectations around who and how many Dwarves from each of the Houses serve in the Deepwatch vary greatly - from Zunoch's aggressive warriors who covet battle training in preparation for the coming war to retake Kurzniert, to Weymont's scholars who hire Dyber's warriors to protect them. But in House Dyber, every Dwarf is expected to serve in an ongoing and recurring basis, for as long as they reside in Kungaroun. This has filled House Dyber with particularly competent, capable, and battle-hardened warriors who are always ready to face challenges other may see as insurmountable.  

House Dyber and the Great War

Ever the dutiful servants, House Dyber stood shoulder to should with Zunoch and Vogrem to make up the bulk of the Kungaroun ground forces supporting the Elven Empire against the Kynekin rebellion. With their broad roster of well-trained soldiers from the Deepwatch, a cautious, reliable, strategic approach to troop deployment, and level-heads on the battlefield, House Dyber truly shown amongst the Dwarven forces - a fact the Imperial Elves with their long memories will not soon forget. But as casualties mounted, a new problem manifested. The Deepwatch forces left to defend the home-front were severely depleted. As a result, Dwellers ransacked countless mountainholds, mindlessly destroying vast swaths of Dwarven life.  

House Dyber in the Second Age

Since the end of the Great War nearly sixty years ago, House Dyber has been singularly focused on rebuilding the Deepwatch and conducting a campaign to reclaim and rebuild lost Dwarven cities beneath the mountains. At Elder gatherings, they can most often be found campaigning the other Houses for additional Deepwatch support, constantly beating the drum of the dangerous risks posed by the Dwellers. Embroiled in their own internal politics and inter-House struggles, House Dyber's pleas most often fall on deaf ears.  


Dyber's familial lands span 122 miles North-South and 845 miles East-West. They have the largest mountainous region held by any of the Great Houses, resulting in extensive expertise planning, designing, and delivering efficient cave networks.  


Given their focus on the Dwellers, leading the Deepwatch, and taking back fallen Dwarven cities, the Dyber Dwarves have less engagement with the outside world and as such, have few very strong opinions stereotyping other races and cultures.  

Story Seeds

  • Tashkerr Dyber is one of the key protagonists in Tales of the Inner Council.
  • The ruins of Grosst, Dwellers, Nishram Gate and the Deepwatch were all featured in The Battle of Nishram Gate.
  • The Dyber great hall of Lestreppe was the primary setting for The Stranger in Stormbreak.
  • Danyatuer, the 2nd-Westernmost gate leaving the Stormbreak Mountains appeared in The Arrangement at Arden's Rest.
  • Type
    Geopolitical, Great house
    Related Species
    Rank: 3 of 12
  • Average
  • Circumspect
  • Focused
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    Leonid Dyber presently holds the title of Elder for the House. In recent years, since the death of his wife to a mysterious illness, he has become something of a recluse. Rumors abound as to both his physical and mental health, sending trusted advisors known as "Soverika" to represent his interests at the Elder's table. Regardless, the voice of House Dyber is often the voice of reason, counseling caution to counterbalance House Zunoch's call for revenge against the Kynekin incursion of Kurzniert, while pleading for additional support for the Deepwatch to protect what remains of Dwarven lands. Leonid does very little without careful consideration, and his recommendation, combined with being the third ranked seat of power, and the eldest of the top three seats carries a great deal of weight amongst his peers.

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