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House Pervak

Where, oh where, did you purchase this wine? It is simply exquisite! The complex flavors. The floral aroma. I simply must know everything about it.
— A Rolighavian Noble Sipping Pervak Wine


Fifth at the table of Elders sit the creatives and artists of Kungaroun, House Pervak. Dreamers and visionaries, Pervak Dwarves are the heart and soul of Stormbreak: Always looking to the future. Always imagining with hope what does not yet exsist today, but can be shaped into tomorrow. But do not for one second allow their exquisite taste in fashion, their colorful tattoos, their golden jewelry, and their expensive parties to lull you into a sense they are harmless and shallow fops. Quite the contrary, these Dwarven socialites deftly navigate the dangerous courts of the land, turning the dance of high society into an art form all of its own. Many without an intimate understanding of the politics of Kungaroun mistake the members of House Pervak as the equivalent of Dwarven nobility, a fact House Vogrem finds particularly offensive.  

House Pervak and the Great War

Given the minimal focus on fighting skills as part of their upbringing, Pervak Dwarves most often filled support roles in war. Later in the war, as Dwarven support dwindled, they were used as foot soldiers with increasing frequency. A few exceptional members of the House were promoted to field officers. However, Imperial Elves underestimated the influence of Dwarven House politics, which largely undermined Pervak officers' authority and ability to lead effectively.  

House Pervak in the Second Age

The World Stage

The Second Age has set an incredible background for House Pervak to flourish: Diverse Kingdoms. Extravagant courts. Each with their own cultures, and rules, and players. Each with their own form and fashion. A beautiful and complex web of intrigue spanning families and cultures, cities and castles. This is the playground in which House Pervak has thrived, rubbing elbows with the nobility of the land as representatives of Kungaroun.  

The Pervak Economy

Largely attributed to their centrist position in the Stormbreak mountains, Pervak's coffers swell from taxation of the movement of goods North to South through Kungaroun. Their primary exports are their coveted skills in the arts and high-quality exports such as wine and whiskey.  


Pervak lands cover approximately 142 miles North-South and just under 1100 miles East-West. They claim the greatest expanse of Lake Pokruhn, and happily tax goods moving from as far South as House Rykov's lands, Northward to House Nazarov. While Pervak is not technically considered one of the sea-faring Houses, their access, exposure, and experience to the lake, combined with their deep creativity has led to significant advancements in the fields of shipbuilding and fishing, earning them an honorary voice with those Houses (Orborin, Rykov, and Gaaren).   Aside from House Nazarov, Pervak is the only member of the Great Houses with easy, direct, overland access to the Eastern Imperial Vicekingdom of Lysandre.   Beyond the Mount, Pervak's lands are fertile, rich forests and fields used extensively to support their creative endeavors and exports such as rare woods, wines, and whiskeys.  


Group Opinion
Elves The Empire are still staunch allies and Vogrem's drugs are in high demand.
Kynekin Young, inexperienced, and finding their way. Stay plugged in and help shape their direction. Let us remember though, that the Empire does not forget. The Elves will eventually come calling for the Kynekin rebellion. Until then, we should remain engaged and profit from new opportunities.
Humans The courts of Rolighav are absolute chaos. Our Myndikin cousins scurry about like busy ants, without any sort of cohesive vision of the future. This creates ample opportunity for Kungaroun to help steer them on the road ahead. And of course, they do love a good sip and a song...
House Nazarov Stay out of their way. Take what taxes they offer. Ask no questions about what they're moving. It's safer for everyone that way. Know the Tobechnyy protocols when our diplomats need to relay information back to Kungaroun quickly.
Houses Orborin, Rykov, & Gaaren The sea-faring Houses. Allies and partners in trade. With the arms of the Saltcutters we extend the reach of our products to the far corners of Gokrenxia.
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
The Painted Star
Manufactured Items
Rank: 5 of 12
  • Colorful
  • Creative
  • Hypnotic
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    The youngest of four women at the table of Elders, and roughly the same age as House Zunoch's Aleksy, Kahtya Pervak has a reputation as an unpredictable and capricious force to be reckoned with. At a young age, Kahtya became enamored with the ancient writings in the libraries of House Weymont surrounding the Voice of Stone. As the rumors go, the Celestial began to speak to her and guide her steps. Her constant success in everything to which she applied herself, combined with her very vocal and relentless pursuit of the Voice of Stone led others to wonder if she was somehow chosen, "blessed", or perhaps even "divinely inspired," to lead House Pervak. Now, hampered by her age at the Elders' table, she lends her support to House Zunoch in their quest to reclaim Kurzniert, the seat of the Stone Song.

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