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House Zunoch

Spoiled children, throwing tantrums because their favorite toys were taken away and now they have to attend to their own needs themselves.
— An Elven Noble


At the head of the table in the Dwarven Kingdom of Kungaroun sits the first of the twelve Great Dwarven Houses. The Bright Star. The most powerful, prominent, and prestigious of all Dwarves, the illustrious House Zunoch. Gifted with naturally good looks and having ridden upon the coat tails of the Elven Empire throughout the First Age, Zunoch Dwarves amassed a mountain of wealth and Kynekin servitors. They lived with an extravagence rivaled only by the Elves themselves. They leaned into their fortunes, becoming arrogant and sedentary. Even at the table of elders, many found the representatives of Zunoch distasteful, and disgraceful. In public, they were celebrated as "Imperial Loyalists" while in hushed tones they were mocked as "Elfkin" by their peers. All that changed with Great War.  

House Zunoch and the Great War

  It was unsurprising when Marshall Batu Ch'luun and his Kynekin rebellion dared to raise a hand against the Empire that House Zunoch (and other Houses of Kungaroun to varying degrees) rallied en masse when the banners were called. But Zunoch was unprepared for the cost. On the front, their losses were astronomical as the Empire largely wielded the armies of Kungaroun as shock troops. As the Great War dragged on, House Zunoch pressed more and more for the other Houses to commit the bulk of the fighting force, building a quiet rage against the Imperials for whom they'd sacrificed so much.  

The Kurzniert Massacre

One cannot discuss House Zunoch without discussing what many historians feel was the most heinous act of the entire war. In fact, it is almost universally accepted that this single event was the turning point for the Kynekin armies: The Kurzniert Massacre. If House Zunoch was the pinnacle of Kungaroun decadence, Kurzniert was its crown. The Northernmost mountainhold of the Dwarven Kingdom, Kurzniert was the seat of all power in the Stormbreak Mountains. When an elite force of the animal-like Kynekin (primarily Mahnkii and Vyrian) moved in under cover of shadow and assassinated men, women, and children alike, without regard, it shattered the will of Kungaroun to continue the fight. Deeply broken by their losses, House Zunoch was quick to agree to (and seize upon) the dismantling and redistribution of Imperial lands as part of the Signing of the Thee'nor Accord. In response and largely out of spite, the Empire agreed to recognize the Kurzniert Freehold, as the sovereign lands of the Kynekin, separate from Vath'azen, but independent from Kungaroun in its own right.  

House Zunoch in the Second Age

Now, House Zunoch is but a shadow of its former greatness. The Kynekin still hold what every Dwarf considers to be the familial lands of Kurzneirt, and their anger runs deep. Zunoch's numbers dwindle and their singular, fanatical focus is set upon defending what remains, and taking back Kurzniert, no matter the cost.  


The House's traditional lands spanned approximately 123 miles North to South and 290 miles East to West of the Northernmost reaches of the Stormbreak Mountains. After the Thee'nor Accord, their Northern border was practically cut in half, along with their pride. Unlike many of the other Houses, Zunoch claims very little land beyond the mountains, feeling living outside the confines of Stormbreak is beneath them.   The halls of Zunoch are masterfully carved with a level of care rarely seen in the Second Age. They are old and run deep below the mountains.  


Group Opinion
Elves Untrustworthy betrayers, whose time is coming.
Kynekin Rebellious thieves who need to be put back in the place.
Humans Pawns to be manipulated.
Other Dwarves They can never understand our sacrifice and owe us respect for the price that we paid.

Story Seeds

  • Appeared in Episode 9: The Arrangement at Arden's Rest for actions taken in the human settlement of Arden's Rest
  • Has prisoners held in Kurzniert
  • Type
    Geopolitical, Great house
    Alternative Names
    The First Star
    Rank: 1 of 12
  • Good looking
  • Extravagent
  • Prodigal
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    Alexsy Zunoch, while not the youngest seated at the table of elders, is certainly on the younger end of the spectrum. This is not due to any embracing of a more progressive culture. Indeed, the sad truth is that due to the losses Zunoch suffered in the Great War, an entire generation of Dwarves was practically wiped out. Alexsy is brash, with a chip on his shoulder and a fanatical drive to reclaim Kurzniert from the Kynekin. The more traditional Houses pay him the respect due the First House, but are wary his recklessness will drag Kungaroun into yet another war.

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