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Batu Ch'luun (bah-tew chi-lewn)

We fight this day so our children, and our childrens' children have the freedom to write their own destinies. The Myndikin have called us beasts, but today they shall see with their own eyes the reality of our unbridled ferocity.
— Marshall Batu Ch'luun to his troops before the battle of Ravensgate.

Key Points

  • Deceased Kynekin of the Arjeev
  • Marshall of the Kynekin forces in the Kynekin Rebellion/Great War
  • Served under Amari Wa'la
  • First leader of the Vath'azen

Mental characteristics

Personal history

A fierce warrior, brilliant strategist, and hero to the Kynekin. Marshall Ch'luun masterfully commanded the forces of the Kynekin Rebellion under Amari Wa'la through the Great War. After Amari's death, Batu was the trusted voice the Kynekin looked to for leadership. He carried on her vision, bringing the Great War to a stalemate with the Myndekin, where he would eventually sue for peace, and reach an agreement at the signing of the Thee'nor Accord.   Marshall Ch'luun served as Vath'azen's defacto ruler for another 22 years before he passed peacefully.

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