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Amari Wa'la (uh-mah-ree wah-lah)

Deceased Visionary Leader of the Kynekin

We stand upon the shoulders of those who came before us... and the necks of those who failed to move.
— Amari Wa'la

Key Points

  • Deceased Kynekin
  • Powerful sorceress
  • Leader of the Kynekin Revolution (later known as the "Great War")


Amari Wa'la was a Kynekin sorceress who made a name for herself using magical glamours to walk as an equal among Elven and human societies, studying them and exposing the inherent discrimination against the Kynekin. She quickly rose to power among her people on a platform of unification against the oppression of the Myndikin. Stoking the fires of rage at generations of mistreatment, she led the Kynekin in a revolution that would become known as the "Great War," setting a vision to establish a Kynekin kingdom known as Vath'azen. She died defending this ideal before seeing it come to fruition.
Date of Death
839 1A
Year of Death

Cover image: by dream by WOMBO
Character Portrait image: by dream by WOMBO


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