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House Fidyev

Bears in training. Keep Out. You have been warned.
— A posted sign in the forest of Fidyev


Wander too far South of House Weymont's lands and you will quickly find yourself in the lush forests of House Fidyev. Clearly marked to keep out trespassers, they team with life, both Dwarven and beast. Accomplished rangers and woodsmen who vastly prefer their own company over other Dwarves, the stand-offish second of the Southern Houses is known as the Star of the Forest. One of the lesser known Houses outside of Kungaroun, Fidyev's voice wields a considerable amount of sway, far beyond what one might expect given their place holding the tenth seat of power at the table of Elders. On the incredibly rare occasion they actually choose to attend the table, the rest of Kungaroun listens carefully to what they have to say, often begrudgingly, because Fidyev produces one of the most important and unique of Dwarven resources: Bears. Breeding and training lines of powerful Dwarven bears is Fidyev's singular greatest focus.  

House Fidyev and the Great War

The war bears of Fidyev are beasts of legend, the stuff of nightmares Kynekin parents tell their children about to keep them in line. This is largely due to the bears' extensive and versatile roles in the war. Houses Zunoch, Vogrem, and Dyber relied upon the largest of the bears as ferocious warrior companions. Nazarov embraced lighter stock for their land speed and stamina, while Houses Gaaren and Rykov found value in the bears as reliable beasts of burden for moving overland logistics. Beyond their bears, Fidyev committed the absolute barest of troops to the war, a fact the Northern Houses do not hesitate to hold over them. And it might matter... if Fidyev Dwarves really cared what they thought.  

House Fidyev in the Second Age

Today, House Fidyev remains largely unchanged in their focus. Knowledge of the woodland, and care of their precious bears is paramount above all else. There have, of course, been advancements. Over the decades, Fidyev breeders have specially cultivated lines of bears; some for their intelligence, some for their speed and stamina, and still others for war - though these days that amounts to Zunoch's continued focus on retaking Kurzniert, and Dyber's Deepwatch leading the fight against the ever growing Dweller threat to Kungaroun.   Due to the copious amounts of time they spend outdoors trying to understand what is best for their precious bears, Fidyev Dwarves often hold extensive knowledge of the flora and fauna of Kungaroun's woodlands. This includes skills associated with wilderness survival in almost any kind of weather. In fact, volumes of Fidyev wisdom fill dusty tomes lining House Weymont's library shelves.  


House Fidyev has the 3rd smallest range of mountains available to their peoples, with a distinct 150 mile break between the last of the Weymont mountains and the start of their own. Yet while the ranges are not connected, there are extensive tunnel systems deep below the surface connecting the two. Anyone looking to move through the mountains North to South without going above ground knows to be ready to pay hefty Fidyev taxes to leverage the tunnel system.  
Kan Voikrey by dream by WOMBO
In the countless miles stretching between the Weymont and Fidyev ranges stands a well-known, massive rock quarry-turned-coliseum called Kan Voikrey, or Champion's Canyon. There, House Fidyev annually hosts a competition amongst all of the Houses. It pits the strength and skill, intelligence and experience of each House (and, of course, their bears) against the other in a series of "friendly" sporting challenges to determine which House will hold the bragging rights as the "greatest" House of Kungaroun. Houses spend significant amounts of effort preparing for this annual event, which draws persons from across the land.   Fidyev familial lands run 237 miles North to South by 387 miles East to West. They are covered in no less than three distinct types of forests, each with its own characteristics they maximize for the breeding, raising, and training of their bears. This also gives Fidyev access to numerous types of unique woods for trade not found elsewhere in Dwarven lands.
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
Star of the Forest
Related Species
Rank: 10 of 12
  • Unfriendly
  • Loners
  • Non-authoritarian
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    Adi Fidyev is the current unlucky soul at the head of House Fidyev, where to hold the Elder seat is almost considered a punishment. The constant travel, distance from the forests, and ceaseless requirement to engage in House politics is a notion most Fidyev Dwarves despise. Adi grew up in a large Rykov city on the Southern tip of Lake Pokruhn where he studied Imperial ship building techniques and began to make a name for himself due to the level of precision and care he poured into his work. But his reputation was ruined when his personal bear, whom he'd been repeatedly warned not to bring to the workplace, allegedly attacked and killed the Master Shipbuilder (which Adi emphatically denies). His bear was seized and Adi's name was blacklisted from the Saltcutter's Guild. To lose one's bear due to lack of proper training is a heinous offense within Fidyev, so when the time came to choose a new Elder, his selection was a scathing assessment by his peers. Adi is convinced he was setup, and strives to one day unravel the mystery of the murdered mentor and clear his good name.


    Group Opinion
    Elves The Empire sees Kungaroun as pawns in their schemes. Be wary when they come calling.
    Kynekin If they were surprised by what Fidyev bears could do in the Great War, they will be terrified to see how far we have come - should they choose to pick a fight with Kungaroun once more.
    Humans They enjoy the distraction of watching and betting on the Houses at Kan Voikrey. We have no qualms taking their coin.
    Other Dwarves The other Houses largely recognize our desire to be left alone and wisely choose to give us our space. Everyone wants our bears, and everyone North of us wants to win the competitions at Kan Voikrey.

    Story Seeds

  • Fidyev bears were featured in The Battle of Nishram Gate and The Arrangement at Arden's Rest.

  • Cover image: by dream by WOMBO


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