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House Orborin

I cast off my bowline,
And stand at the helm.
Set course for tomorrow,
And far distant realms.

Farewell to my family.
Farewell to the Twelve.
Farewell to the Mountain.
And those who there dwell.
— Excerpts from an Orborin Sea Song


Your first encounter with the sixth seat of Dwarven power is likely to be one you'll never forget. (If fate has smiled upon you, you may even retain all your limbs and remember what happened, mostly). The Dwarves of House Orborin exhibit bold, vibrant, and adventurous personalities uncharacteristic of their Stormbreak cousins. Obrborin Dwarves care little for tradition and decorum, living for moment, in the here and now. They savor every drop of joy and pain, sweetness and sorrow life throws at them with little care for tomorrow. The first of the three sea-faring Houses making up the bulk of the Saltcutter's Guild, Orborin rides the unpredictable seas into the unknown and rises to the thrill of every storm.  

House Orborin and the Great War

Taken far from the safe harbors of the Khazwa Sea throughout the war, Orborin ships were most commonly seen along the North-Central coasts of Gokrenxia, shuttling Imperial forces, weapons, and foods to supply the Northern front. These same lands would eventually be firmly supplanted by the Kynekin and become part of the greater Kingdom of Vath'azen.  

House Orborin in the Second Age

An Eye to the Unkown

Many regard the Orborin as careless and frivolous, with their incessant prattling of the "world beyond" Kungaroun, but their spirit of adventure, exploration, and passion for the moment can be incredibly contagious. Treasure hunters and explorers galore flock to the salty decks of Orborin ships, seeking Captains unafraid to venture to parts of the Empire destroyed during the war. The Orborin are Dwarves of action.  

The Ships of the Sixth

Orborin's fleet is decidedly smaller than those of Houses Rykov and Gaaren, but they are also some of the fastest and most unique of Kungaroun. Through a close partnership with their inventive Northern cousins in House Pervak, Orborin regularly sails ships of experimental design in the name of technological advancement. These experiments often go awry, but Orborin's spirit is never dampened. Captains of the Sixth Fleet tend to own the ships they sail, and independently negotiate their contracts and routes. With their independece, many Orborin Captains turn to the fast profits gained through piracy on the open ocean.  


Even though the familial lands of Orborin run 100 miles North-South and 1,080 miles East-West, they have the smallest cave system of any of the Houses. This suits them fine though, as they care little for the dreary confines of the mountains. Their largest settlements lie on the Eastern side of Lake Pokruhn and the far shore of Khazwa Sea. This physical distance only serves to exacerbate the cultural differences between Orborin and the other houses. Beyond the wood for their vessels and the fish from the Lake, the sixth House leases access to their land to other Houses as needed.  


Group Opinion
Elves Mind your sails. They respond swiftly to piracy and frown heavily upon our reclamation ventures into their (former) lands. The taxes we pay Lysandre to pass through Thuenelv Straights are reasonable enough.
Kynekin Their ports are so far away. Plan to be gone for quite some time.
Humans Our small shipbuilding facility in Rolighav, on the Upanje Sea is in high demand.
Zuul'Hy Freelands Those Ja'nakh nomads seem like land-bound kindred spirits.
Other Dwarves The Saltcutters Guild is really the only thing that matters. Let the others squabble over seats and songs.
Geopolitical, Great house
Rank: 6 of 12
  • Captivating
  • Dedicated
  • Frivolous
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    Nadya Orborin always believed she was destined for the sea, but being the only daughter of a fishing family left her little opportunity of seizing those dreams. She was always in trouble for not finishing her chores. Her brother and his friends teased her relentlessly, saying she must have been adopted from House Pervak with her head always stuck in the clouds instead of on the task at hand. As a adolescent, Nadya snuck aboard a ship of the Sixth as it set out on a several month journey. Five days passed before one of the crew caught her stealing food from the stores. Unwilling to turn back, the Captain decided to put her to work, apprenticing under the cook. Grabbing hold of her chance, for the next nine years she diligently worked to become one of the most renowned chefs of the Sixth, meticulously studying the local cuisines of every port in which they stopped. All the while, she poured herself into learning every aspect of ship life. Nadya cares little for the politics of the Mount, but as one of the four female elders makes a point to attend her place at the Elder's table.

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