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House Nazarov

Keep this locked up like a Nazarov!
— A Dwarven Saying


If House Vogrem is broadly recognized as the most outwardly underhanded and untrustworthy of the Great Houses, House Nazarov is its larger, quieter, and infinitely more terrifying Uncle. Where Vogrem's schemes are shallow, self-serving, and overt, Nazarov machinations are complex, far reaching, and often fatal. Nazarov plays for keeps. Their plots bare all the hallmarks of the Imperial intelligence machine under which they trained throughout the First Age. The House of secrets, of silence, and stealth, Nazarov lives and breathes in the shadows of the world, earning them the nickname "The Eclipsed Star." Next to the Elves of the Empire, Nazarov Dwarves are some of the most accomplished spies and saboteurs in the land.  

House Nazarov and the Great War

Favored pawns of the Elven Empire, Nazarov Dwarves were highly engaged in the war to decimating effect. Unlike the rest of the Northern Houses though, they served as scouts, spies, and saboteurs with deadly results. Agents of Nazarov proved themselves to be dynamic, out-of-the-box thinkers and natural loners, a combination which helped them excel at operating independently to navigate complex situations and steer them to a desired outcome. They thrived on instilling terror in the hearts of every adversary, and sowing the seeds of chaos and dissent among the Kynekin - just as the Empire had trained them to do.  

House Nazarov in the Second Age

Captializing on the tradition of the travelling loners, House Nazarov established and runs the Tobechnyy, officially the Dwarven Courier's Guild. Unofficially though, Tobechnny serves as the central hub for Kungaroun Intelligence, training the next generation of spies, saboteurs, and even assassins in the shadow of the Empire. They have been known to fulfill contracts from almost anyone, walking the razor's edge of a knife as they simultaneously try to keep every door open, while keeping every ally at arm's length. Of all the Houses, Nazarov's goals and true intentions are the most shrouded in mystery, something that constantly sets the other Elders on edge.  


Familial lands ascribed to Nazarov stretch roughly 110 miles North-South and an astounding 1200 miles East-West. They are the first of the Northernmost Houses to have easy, direct access to freshwater, in the form of Lake Pokruhn. With their vast amounts of bio-diverse land, ample access to fresh fish, water, wood, and stone, direct access to the remnants of the Empire in the Vicekingdom of Lysandre and the Zuul’Hy Freelands to their East, as well as access to the Human Kingdom of Rolighav to their West, Nazarov is one of the most strategically well-positioned Houses to weather any storm and any enemy that comes their way.  


Group Opinion
Elves Though the Empire has fallen, they still have sharp teeth and long memories. They pay exceptional coin for their contracts. The Vicekingdom of Lysandre is notably well-resourced and should be closely monitored for Imperial developments. Contracts are in place permitting the Tobechnyy to move about freely, and share information with Imperial Intelligence at their discretion.
Kynekin Their biggest challenges at present are internal. If they'll pay us to destabilize their own lands, it seems to ultimately work in our favor, while garnering additional favor with the remnants of the Empire and the more aggressive Houses. Tobechnyy movements are scrutinized among the beastmen. They are wary of us, and rightfully so. The Eastern Intelligence service of Vath'azen, known as the Shaf Yadursmaj, has demonstrated a commitment to maturing their trade-craft, with a vindictive focus on the Imperials in Al'Jymoor. We attribute this largely to their organization under an Arjeev female by the name of Jenta Hua'zur - an escaped slave of the Empire.
Humans To date, our relations with Rolighav's nobles have been mutually beneficial. We have no interest in destabilizing their lands, nor they ours. Appropriate contracts are in place permitting the Tobechnyy to move about freely and share information as needed. We have excellent trade agreements with Rolighav, and seek to ensure the continued stability of the region.
House Zunoch Short-sighted and dangerously provocative surrounding the occupation of Kurzniert. They will be their own downfall if left to their own designs.
House Vogrem Contracts are in place to ensure a constant supply of the latest poisons. Filled with jealousy and spite, they are their own greatest threat.
Houses Dyber/Rykov The greatest equalizers to keep Zunoch and Vogrem in check.
House Fidyev Breeders and trainers of the special line of bears used by the Tobechnyy. Critical allies.

Story Seeds

  • A stolen Tobechnyy bear made a brief appearance in The Arrangement at Arden's Rest
  • Type
    Geopolitical, Great house
    Alternative Names
    The Eclipsed Star
    Related Species
    Rank: 4 of 12
  • Dynamic
  • Medium-build
  • Abrupt
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    Elder Kiryl Nazarov served as a military strategist to an Imperial mercenary unit for much of his adolescence. Working for Elves of Lysandre, he helped carry out contracts against bandits in the Zuul’Hy Freelands and found a forbidden love with a young Elven girl. When her father, a noble of some repute discovered his transgressions, she was shipped away and he was stripped of his contract. Driven mad by the loss, it is whispered Kiryl obtained from House Vogrem a virulant disease which he unleashed upon his former unit as well as the girl's family. He returned to Kungaroun with a wealth of intelligence about Lysandre, Imperial force counts, movements, and the inner workings of their operations. This rapidly propelled him upward within the House until he was finally tapped to take the Elder seat. Today, the broken-hearted Elder of Nazarov runs the House with ruthless efficiency. He cares little for the politics of the Mount, with grand designs he has yet to share. Only time will reveal what House Nazarov truly seeks.

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