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House Trost

Don't look at her! That's one of them Dwarven witches! I hear they turn folks what cross them into rocks and throw them in a lake where they'll sit on the bottom forever, or maybe even longer.
— A Superstitious Human Villager


Have you ever known someone for whom most everything seemed to go their way? No matter what they put their mind to, even if it was something they'd never before attempted, it just somehow "works out" in their favor. This is one of the standout qualities that sets the eleventh seat of power at the table of Elders apart from the rest of Kungaroun; The aptly named "Lucky Star," House Trost. Trost Dwarves tend to be self-aggrandizing and come off as though they believe themselves superior to all the other Houses, leaving them generally disliked among their peers. Were they seated more prominently in the Dwarven hierarchy, they would hold undeniable sway over the Kingdom, but their numbers are small, as are their lands. Many believe their low seating at the table of Elders was an intentional move by the ancestors of other Houses to keep Trost's influence in check. Like House Vogrem, Trost Dwarves regularly carry a streak of jealousy toward the other Houses for their power and position. Though unlike Vogrem, when Trost speaks people actually listen.  

House Trost and the Great War

Demonstrating an unnatural affinity for and connected-ness to the rivers of magic flowing through the land, unmatched by any of the other Houses of Kungaroun, Imperial magic-users of the First Age hand-selected and extensively trained members of House Trost in the forging and shaping of magic. Though small in numbers, these rare non-Elven practicioners of magic augmented Dwarven forces to great and terrifying effect, only building upon their reputation as a powerful House not to be trifled with.  

House Trost in the Second Age

Since the fall of the Elven Empire over fifty years ago, and without the leash and oversight of Imperial mages, House Trost has poured themselves into improving and expanding upon their understanding and abilities with magic. They actively seek out adventurers daring to recover lost Imperial knowledge that might give them the key to unlocking additional mystical potential.   Within the Stormbreak Mountains, House Trost owns the market for the magical arts. They have established a handful of highly-selective and elitest guilds controlling access to mystical knowledge (very similar to the Imperial model they so detested when they were on the receiving end). Their control over powerful and unknown forces often drives others to steer clear of Trost Dwarves altogether.  


Directly connected only to the mountain range of their Northern neighbors of House Fidyev's, House Trost lands run 180 miles North to South by 440 miles East to West. East of the mountains, they are dotted with a range of small forests, often hunted by licensed Fidyev outdoorsmen. The lands of the eleventh have no direct connection (either above or below ground) with the rebellious and independent House Zulzny to their South.
Geopolitical, Great house
Alternative Names
The Lucky Star
Related Species
Rank: 11 of 12
  • Jealous
  • Indulgent
  • Extraordinary
  • The Stormbreak Mountains


    The fourth of the female leaders at the table of Elders, the intelligent and attractive Mia Trost served her early adult life as a woman-at-arms protecting House Gaaren merchant convoys. She is an exceptional bear-rider and swordswoman, with a quiet confidence and a wry sense of humor. Her time on the road exposed her to the workings of the world and left her with a level-headed, practical approach to problems. Her ability to project authority and deftly apply this practicality in complex inter- and intra-House negotiations saw her rapidly rise through the ranks to become the adored head of the House. Mia holds regular correspondence with her counterparts in Houses Pervak, Orborin, and Rykov, forming a sort of powerful feminine coterie considering matters of state from a feminine perspective, without the pretense of the more traditional Kungaroun males.


    Group Opinion
    Elves The Empire gave us an incredible gift in the form of training in their magical arts. Now though, like the beastmen we are unshackled from their control and no longer restrained. Now we shall mine the depths of knowledge to unleash our true potential.
    Kynekin As those who are constantly discounted and looked down upon based on the racist and arbitrary mindset of generations past, we withhold our judgement of the beastmen. While we do not see them allies, unlike many of our cousins we do not see them as adversaries.
    Humans Like us, the Humans are still finding their way. There is much to be gained in our shared alliances.
    Houses Zunoch & Vogrem Shallow-minded buffoons seated at the head of the table of Elders. We acknowledge their authority, but will not hesitate to reject their direction if it is not in our best interest.
    House Weymont The ever-expanding body of historical knowledge found in their libraries serves as a constant source for clues as to where we might unearth additional arcane Imperial secrets.
    House Fidyev We respect and embrace their desire to be left alone. They leave us to our research. We leave them to their smelly creatures of the forest.

    Story Seeds

  • Tashkerr Dyber, one of the main protagonists of Tales of the Inner Council, is a Journeyman of House Trost's Istoyaver Guild of "Wayfinding" magic.

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