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Tashkerr Dyber

(a.k.a. Tash)

Yes, I can certainly understand where you are coming from. What if we approached the problem like this...
— Tashkerr Dyber, Dwarven Negotiator

Key Points

  • Surprise member of the Ruling Council of Vath'azen in King Ga'jam's Final Decree
  • Mid-ranked negotiator of House Dyber
  • Gracious Dwarven mystic of the Istoyaver



    When a rampaging beast forced his family's wagon off the trade road in the forests East of the Stormbreak Mountains and into a deep ravine, Tashkerr's pregnant mother went into labor unexpectedly. In the dead of night when the moon was at its highest, in a clearing with no name, with no family other his mother, and adolescent brother, Tashkerr of House Dyber was born into the world; an ill omen in the eyes of many.   He was born the middle child of three, with an older brother, and younger sister. His family lived a meager life, getting by on what his father - a low level enforcer in House Dyber who bore the shameful tattoos of a common thief - and mother - a night worker at one of the House's brothels - could scrounge together. Throughout his largely-unsupervised adolescence, "Tash" as he prefers to be called, fell in with the nehtraag. He always seemed to have an incredible luck or timing to be in just the right place, at just the right time to get the job, finish the job, or not get caught. Among his peers he was given the name "Marjyr" because he seemed to have an incredible ability to fly away from every problem. Leaning into this persona, he had two horn-like tattoos inked to his forehead. His success earned him significant attention in the House.   It was on one such errand for the House that resulted in a chance encounter with a Dwarven mystic. Saldre, as he was called, sensed there was something special about the boy and took an interest in young Tash. He petitioned the boy's parents to allow an apprenticeship to the Istoyaver, the mystical Dwarven Order of Wayfinders, which was granted. Saldre was right. Tash had a natural affinity for the Wayfinding magic of the Isoyaver. His apprenticeship was extended twice and he completed with more arcane knowledge than many a seasoned Wayfinder. The House Elders promoted Tash to become a very successful Negotiator, known for his generally happy-go-lucky attitude, a fact in which his parents took great pride. But not even Tash could stifle his surprise when the Kynekin King Ga'jam of Vath'azen passed away and in his final decree appointed Tash to his Ruling Council as the "Voice of the Myndikin."

    Personality Characteristics


    Respect the Past. Forge the Future.

    Tashkerr’s Crest by dream.ai
    Tash respects and upholds the old ways, but questions the long-term viability and efficacy of the top ranked Dwarven Houses. He is deeply loyal to House Dyber and dreams of having a larger stake in the grand machinations of the Dwarven future. His recent appointment to the Ruling Council of Vath'azen might be just such an opportunity to make a name for himself outside the rigidly defined lines of Dwarven authority. It might be just enough to gain him the attention and political sway he needs to draw the notice of House Dyber and peer House leadership, giving him an opportunity to advance both his and his family's positions.

    Likes & Dislikes


    Tashkerr misses the close-quarters of the Stormbreak mountains and feels uneasy in the expansive urban environment of Stoverj. The constant buzz of the city carrying over the open air leaves him on edge, finding it constantly difficult to relax. Combined with a general distaste for boredom, this slight agitation often leads him to busy himself with whatever he can find. Many have assumed Tash is bit obsessed with cleaning, when in fact it is just something he'll do to pass the time and distract himself.   Tash dislikes prideful boasting. Those who strive to put themselves first will find themselves less likely to earn his favor.  


    Tash is a systematic thinker who likes to keep things simple and attack problems head on. He prefers to trust his instincts, making a quick judgement based on the available information and moving forward to the next problem.   Like most Dwarves, he prefers the comfort of his own hearth over the open air of the city streets.   Tash enjoys trying new things, always excited about where his path will lead him next.


    Family Ties

  • Father: Low level House Dyber Enforcer. Known Thief.
  • Mother: House Dyber Brothel Worker
  • Older brother: House Dyber footsoldier
  • Younder sister
  • Grandmother
  • Uncle
  • Current Location
    Honorary & Occupational Titles
    Voice of the Myndikin
    Soft black
    Other Affiliations

    Ironsworn Stats  
    Show spoiler
    Iron: 1
    Shadow: 2
    Edge: 1
    Heart: 2
    Wits: 2

    Health: 5
    Spirit: 5
    Supply: 3
    Momentum: 7
    Chaos: 2

    Asset: The Mark
    • Heart: -1
    • Manipulations:
      • Sense: 1
    • Essences:
      • Favor: 1
      • People: 1
    Chaos: +2
    Asset: Arcanum
  • Raise Funds: When you fulfill a vow, you may Secure Resources
  • Build: When you Advance, you may spend Resources to install Facilities in your Arcanum. Envision the people who are willing to live near and work for a Mage to maintain the Facilities.

  • Path: Learned
  • I know things: When you Face Danger, Secure an Advantage, or Gather Information using your extensive knowledge (+wits), add +1. On a hit, add +1 momentum and envision how your knowledge aided you.
  • Escapism: When you Recover, add +1 to your roll. On a hit, envision how a good book and the quiet helped foster your recovery.

  • Vow: Uncover the plot against House Dyber (Formidable)
    * o o o o o o o o o
    Journey to Stoverj (Dangerous)
    * * o o o o o o o o
    The Stranger
  • Role: Soverika
  • Rank: Dangerous
  • Strong (+1 aid, +1M)
  • Progress * o o o o o o o o o

  • Cover image: by dream by WOMBO
    Character Portrait image: by dream by WOMBO


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