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Rolighav (rŏl′ĭ-gäv)

Stretching from the inner Upanje Sea on the West to the towering Stormbreak Mountains on the East, Rolighav stands as a shining example of the tenacity and forward-looking mindset of the Humans of Gokrenxia. It is the largest and most affluent Kingdom of the Second Age, with a thriving agriculture and healthy economy of imports and exports.


Rolighav is organized as a monarchy, with a King or Queen serving as its head, and supported by the Lords and Ladies of its various provinces.


"Rols" see themselves as working to build a better world than they started with through hard work, trade, and the advancement of technology and magic. They are generally optimistic about the future, have a strong sense of national identity.

Public Agenda

  • Maintain the peace and stability of the realm
  • Build strong alliances & trade agreements


The Thee'nor Accord carved the Kingdom of Rolighav when it stripped the Elves of their right to rule. The Human delegation agreed to assume control and administration of these areas, to maintain order, protect the people of this land, and establish relations with their neighbors, fostering broad peace and stability.

Demography and Population

While Humans encompass the majority of the peoples, representatives of nearly every species of Myndikin and Kynekin can be found somewhere in Rol lands.


It was not so long ago that what is now Northern Rolighav was part of the frontline in the Great War. As such, it has a keen focus on maintaining a sharp and well-trained military. The Northwestern borders with Sanysgal and Vath'azen are actively and constantly patrolled. Yet as one travels South the emphasis on the military, while still present, is much less prevalent.

Technological Level

The burning of the Upanje Fleet was a crushing defeat for the Elves, but in its wake the Rols have significantly advanced the art of shipbuilding. Now, Rol fleets are considered the preeminent force on the Upanje Sea.

Trade & Transport

Well-established land routes steadily climb upwards from the Western shores to the Stormbreak Mountains, the gate to virtually all trade with the Far East and the Elven bastion of Lysandre. Northern routes skirt the Vath'azen/Zuul'Hy Freelands border moving goods and people to the Northern coasts. While overland trade routes with Eastern Vath'azen are stable, they are considered far inferior to sea-based shipments directly to Stoverj.

Viska Framore (We forge the future)

Geopolitical, Kingdom
Neighboring Nations
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