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The once great Lords of Gokrenxia, the Elves are a long-lived family of Myndikin steeped in tradition, etiquette, and the arcane. The Signing of the Thee'nor Accord saw most of their lands, titles, and power stripped away, leaving the Elves on their heels, licking their wounds and collectively angry at the rest of the world.

Basic Information


Elves tend to be slightly taller and more slender than their Humans counterparts, with the tips of their ears coming to slight points.


Elves are generally perceived as arrogant, distant, and ambivolous. They care little for others, and less for those not Elves. They enjoy their creature comforts and believe they have been horribly wronged by the Kynekin and other Myndikin alike, robbed of their birthright to rule the world.

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

High cheek bones. Petite nose.

Geographic Origin and Distribution

After the "Kynekin Betrayal," as they commonly refer to, Elven refugees were largely pushed East and North to the outer coastal regions of the land.

Civilization and Culture


One cannot tell the story of Gokrenxia without acknowledging the central role played by the Elven nations. Recorded history begins with the Praznidat, where Tuloni I was named the first High Lord and Overseer of the land. And for over 800 years they ruled in what has come to be called the "First Age."   Their fall from power and the parcelling of their empire brought about by the "Kynekin Betrayal" ushered in a new era, known as the Second Age.
120 years
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Fair skinned, with a wide range of hair and eye color.
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