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Humans (hyoo͞′mən)

The Humans of Gokrenxia are a highly diverse and versatile people group of the Myndikin. They have proven themselves adept at rapidly adapting to new environments as they have multiplied and expanded across the land. They possess a hardy spirit, facing challenges with a deep rooted seed of hope.

Basic Information


Humans are characterized by their general optimism and hope. They are perceived by the other races of Gokrenxia as being very forward looking, always thinking about tomorrow and what comes next. The Mahnkii descibe humans as "always busy, always rushed, and rarely settled."

Additional Information

Perception and Sensory Capabilities

Across the five basic senses, Humans fall consistently in the middle of the spectrum when compared against other races of the land. For example, their sight is better than the Dwarves, but weaker than the Arjeev. They are neither exceptional nor inferior in any particular sense. This has likely aided their ability to adapt to different environmental conditions.

Civilization and Culture


Under the rule of the Elves in the First Age, Humans (along with their Dwarven counterparts) made up the majority of the middle class. Though they often were found to keep Kynekin servants, on the whole Humans treated the lower class with much more dignity and respect. After the Signing of the Thee'nor Accord, Humans stepped in and took over several large areas of Gokrenxia, shaping them into Kingdoms of their own from the glory of the once great Elven empire.
60 years
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