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Travellers, explorers, pillagers...
  Throughout history people who live this lifestyle have taken on many names and there are many factions who live the life in different fashions. Some travel light and fast, taking what they need and nothing more. Some travel in massive packs stripping the land of anything they can take. Some, might even be friendly to outside trade.   And though they all flock under different banners and leaders, each group with their own morals and rules, all are tarred by one name... Reaver.

A splintered people

Scattered all across Errack, Reavers can be foun on almost every continent in varying sizes of communities. No one collective is the same as another, though they do share similarities and history.  

An unforgiving name

Though most are peaceful isolationists and resourceful crafters, a history tarnished with large aggressive factions who oftern targeted trade caravans, walled-city resources and transports for their own gains has left a negative impression on those who live behind the gargantuan walls. As such, Reavers are often compared to scavenger or carrion-feeder animals. Mostly on account of their tendancy to keep their distance from the walled citiys, so it often looks as though they may be lurking in the distance. This also leads to many accusations of theft, founded or not, whenever they are nearby.  

A history written in song

Reavers, though capable, do not typically record events and history by writing it down. Instead, they prefer to recall it through song and stories. This is due mostly to simply not having the resources to always write things down, nor the ability to waste energy on transporting large quantities of records.
Unfortunately, this has meant that a lot of the cultural history of these folks have been lost to time, simply forgotten. There are still some ancient songs that tell of old tales, but those who can translate them dwindle with each year.


Author's Notes

I will come back to this article and expand upon it in much greater detail, but with the time crunch of Summer Camp this year. That will have to wait. I hope you, the reader, still enjoy this short article all the same.

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