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Guardian Knights of the Alyite Order

These are women from the Alyite Order who have distinguished themselves on the battlefield. They can be warriors, priestesses or battlemages that have been selected to serve as bodyguards to the Order's marshals. Their primarily mission is to protect the marshal from harm on the battlefield and while performing her day-to-day duties. Typically each marshal has 10-12 women assigned to this role. Some will occupy this role for much of their careers while others will serve a few years than move on to some other role within the Sisterhood of Alya.   Typically these unit are divided into three or four squads.  When not in battle, each squad will have a shift for a third of the day while the others will be sleeping or attending to other daily tasks.  When on the battlefield this group will surround the marshal and her staff while endeavoring to protect her from any threat.   Overtime, Marshal have come see these units as pools of women that can be used for special missions and will often detach three or four members of their guard to carry out special tasks ranging from rescues, escorts, raids to diplomatic missions.   This informal, but important role has resulted the Knights often being referred to as the marshal's left hand while their military staff is called their right hand.   In general, the Guardian knights are very well equipped.  They are trained as medium cavalry, but can be expected to be comfortable fighting on foot or operating in the role of bodyguard.  They have well-trained warhorses, excellent armor and first rate weapons.  Most members of these units have access to some form of magic, whether it is weapons, armor or some other device.


The Knights act at the direction of the Marshal who appoints a Knight Commander.  The Knight COmmander typically appoints two deputies, usually a priestess or a battlemage.

Public Agenda

To protect their assigned Marshal.


Originally, Altyite Marshals simply organized a personal bodyguard.  Since the Marshals were usually noblewomen they typically picked women who came from their own lands.  Over time, the leadership of the Sisterhood developed the idea that instead of the bodyguards functioning as a personal retinue that it should be a group devoted to protecting the position rather than the person.  About three hundred years ago the Alyite faith's High Council issued Order to this effect to all of the orders marshals.  This system has remained in place since that time.

We are vigilant, we are strong.

Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
The Marshal's Guard
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Ruling Organization
Parent Organization


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