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Galactical overseers

WARNING: This article is very very WIP and will be fleshed out in the near future. Information on this page is very lacking and not definitive.

The Canticles have been watching over the whole universe for as long as the Voice shut down. They are its proxy, and their law is absolute. To go against them is to go against the very deity that joined us together, it is to go against fate itself.


Order raised from chaos


After the quick fall of the first Stardom, the whole universe went through a period of chaos. Without a global authority, things went South and local powers fought over newly founded colonies. A great deal of planets were vitrified and casualties were counted in billions.


Multiple religious orders tried to take advantage of the situation, spreading lies and corrupting souls. They bloomed and rot all over the galaxy, desperately trying to steal the sacred verses of the Voice. One of them, the Eulogists, grew bigger than the crowd and instanciated a new Stardom, similar to the first one.


This is when the Canticles emerged. From a small population saved by the saintess C., they built a new nation following the true teachings of the Voice. Joined by the first and most loyal Cantors, they improved the life of millions of people at first, enlightening them to the true way. And then their words and blessing spread throughout the galaxy.


Omnipotent overseers


Nowadays, the law of the Canticles rules the daily life of the entire galaxy. Nothing is out of their grasp, and the theocracy is at its best. They control everything from transportation, military, education to healthcare and research. The anti-heresy department is the one with the greatest number of employees, and the Inquisition never has a day off.

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