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Lainism (Lie-nism)

Lainism is the largest religion on the Planet of Kivria. Lainism honors the old Gods, particularly as an excuse for revelry and superstition, while they prioritize two Gods above all others: the Ida, the distant God of Creation and patron of the universe, and Lailai, the Goddess of Life and patron deity of Kivria. Although they do not explicitly worship the Yashelin and the Lailai's family, they remain highly reverential, with some sects developing cults around these other entities.   Once a fringe branch of the Cetwoar Pantheon arising after the Lailai's freeing of the Diasporic Astris, it has since vastly outgrown its ancestral religion to become the spiritual leader of the majority of Kivria. Lainism, in its earliest forms, was a closed Awassi religion much like the Cetwoar Pantheon was. With the plague, however, the Awassi population dropped dramatically. In order to adapt and survive, Lainists opened their religion to all potential converts. They did not, however, open all positions of power to everyone. Even now, only Awassi practioners can lead in ceremonies dedicated to the traditional Cetwoar Gods. The only other positions with reservations for a certain species are the Shepherd and the Organist, who according to tradition must be hybrids.


Most Lainist houses of worship perform daily worship ceremonies led by its Chaperon, though it is not required for congregation members to attend every single one of these sessions. Music is a major feature at all of these ceremonies, especially the Lainic Organ. Lainic Organs are a type of organ designed to be heard inside and outside of the building, inspired by the belief that the Ida sang the universe into being (but requires much noise to hear it, seeing as it is a distant God. Pipe organs are close enough, right?). They are played at the beginning (Call to Worship), middle (Contemplation), and end of the service (Farewell). During these times, congregation members are invited to sing to their hearts' content.
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