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Red Hand

The Red Hand is the ruling organization of the Shadow Lair located in Crystalmore. It is of course not officially ruling, since the Shadow Lair is not known for anything official at all. But nobody with the intention of getting safely in and out of Crystalmore's undergrand can avoid the Hand.   The organization dates all the way back to the Shadow Era, but only recently expanded it's reach and power during the Peaceful Ages. The current leader Velyna Nelas used her diplomatic skills and charisma to establish a far-reaching network of contacts and sub-contractors.   Velyna is the defacto leader of the Hand, though the organization is mostly an arrangement between various underworld factions to work together and share resources as a syndicate. While not really a democracy, the most powerful members convene in the Hand's Council to discuss matters with the leader and – if necessary – elect a new one.   Due to the illicit nature of the Hand's dealings, there has been a long-standing conflict edging closer and closer to all out war with the Crystal Blossom Trading Guild. For a long time, the Hand was mainly focused on the greater Crystalmore area. Recent ventures outside the homestead were met with heavy armed backlash by the Trading Guild. This lead to a slow but steady arming on both sides.   Only time will tell if one the two organizations gains the upper hand and crushes the other. Or if some sort of ceasefire agreement can be reached.

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Illicit, Syndicate
Alternative Names
The Hand
Red Handers
Government System
Economic System
Market economy


Frequent clashes


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