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Shadow Lair

The Shadow Lair is an underground market where you can get everything you want but not all of it is or can be obtained legally. It can only be entered under certain circumstances and is a very dangerous place for unknowing and naive individuals.

Purpose / Function

The tunnel system under Crystalmore was initially built as a safety measure to shelter the inhabitants if any catastrophic event occurs. It was abandoned for multiple decades as there wasn't any catastrophic event before Velyna Nelas founded the Shadow Lair within a big hall to supply the people with every kind of service, resource, or wares that one can think of. The remaining chambers and corridors are inhabited by people that are either not wealthy enough to afford a stay in the overground city or work on the market to some extent.


The Shadow Lair has three entries that are heavily guarded and hidden within different parts of Crystalmore to prevent unauthorized people from entering. They are either hidden within buildings or behind energy barriers that can only be stepped through by insiders.


The big hall previously built as a meeting hall for announcements, collective eating, and socializing was altered to fit the market's needs. Tables, benches, and chairs were replaced with market stalls built out of wood, cloth, and metal parts so that the hall now looks like a giant tent camp.   On the hall's walls, they have built a long gallery out of wood on which the guards can saunter to survey the whole market hall.
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