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Velyna Nelas

Velyna Nelas (a.k.a. Shadowwalker)

Velyna also known as Shadowwalker is a dark elf and the leader of Shadow Lair. She collects the place rent and a part of the merchants' revenue. In return, she arranges meetings with potential customers and ensures no uninvited guests show up.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

Velyna has a tall, well-trained, narrowly built body that gives her a stoic and robust appearance.

Apparel & Accessories

She usually wears tight-fitting, dark trousers with knee-high boots on the lower body. On the upper body, she commonly wears a bordeaux-colored corset on top of a blouse with wide sleeves and a long frock coat on colder days.


Contacts & Relations

She is in touch with many different people from employees and several legal and illegal suppliers. Her contacts and relations are primarily work-related, and she doesn't have many friends as many people only want to be friends with her to benefit from the friendship.

Family Ties

She doesn't have any contact with any family members anymore as they cut the family ties as soon as they discover that she lives a life within the shadow and engages in illegal activities.

Social Aptitude

Velyna used to be a very timid and introverted person. Today she appears as a strong and self-confident leader with a high charisma that allows her to solve any conflict around the underground market.

Hobbies & Pets

She usually carries a white ferret on her shoulders, a visual contrast to her overall dark appearance. The ferret doesn't like strangers, so it often acts as a repellent.
Character Location
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Current Location
Date of Birth
6th Faavel 151 PA
Current Residence
pale red
long, thin pitch black hair often tied together in a high ponytail.
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
pale with a cold grey tint
1,54 m
46 kg
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